$3000 to $30,000 Trading Options | My Strategy

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In todays video, I’ll run you through my trades this prior week in one of the most volatile markets I’ve ever seen. Even with the volatility, I was able to come out up over $5,000 #tradingoptions on the S&P500 ETF and Royal Caribbean. The #Robinhood portfolio is now sitting over $30,000.

I get into more detail on my trading strategy this week & how I used the #VWAP to guide my trading decisions.

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Vincent Desiano says:

Just withdrew my entire account out of Robinhood. It’s totally unacceptable to be down again. Moving everything to TD Ameritrade.

yehovayireh says:

do u use a scanner? how did rcl come in your radar?

yehovayireh says:

Hey can u create discord room brother

Angel derp says:

This was so useful thanks man, Im hardly starting and trying to go with the trend and buy puts in order to take advantage of it and you explained your mindset.

Matthew Michael Investor says:

Aye bro, just stumbled across your videos. Got a sub from me, I like the way you're taking advantage of this volatility, keep up the great content🙌

Jason Linde says:

What time frame do you typically trade the VWAP on?

Morgan Wren says:

What are you using to browse/markup the graphs?

Julian v says:

great video! do you think you could make a video on your trading setup?

Chung H says:

Hi Vincent, Do you do trade life on this YouTube Channel, I would like to learn more options Thanks

Frankasorus J says:

How did you enable spread training on robinhood?

derek452 says:

I see you in me 12 years ago. I flipped $3k to $30 in 1 week March 2008 on Ameritrade 😃
20 year experience. Made no money first 10 yrs.

Todd Krempasky says:

Good stuff. I gave a follow on your stocktwits and joined your room too. I like SPY for options trading as well but need to learn more to calm the nerves when trading options. I definitely agree that with all the craziness in the market, an overnight or weekend hold can be pretty risky. Things can be facing down but the markets close then futures rise and next thing you know, you're upside down on your contracts.

Pierson Towns says:

Hi .. thanks for all the info… can you explain more on the vwap strategy?? How you use it to enter and exit a trade ? Thank you

Nafees Raza says:

Do u think today I should buy spy put?

Pumpz 1429 says:

Wait wtf that’s such a good indicator thank you so much for explaining that!

Vaddy _ says:

Enjoy getting locked out of Robinhood and not being able to close out your puts…. Robinhood never approved me for options trading for some reason and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because TD Ameritrade and Webull embraced me with open arms. Nice video.

Nates Pics says:

Are you buying any options for the spy this week? Puts?

Sean Yang says:

Can you go live today and explain whats going on right now?

AMBush Drift says:

Great insight on the VWAP!

yjosho says:

Hey Vince, love the stuff. With futures down and Oil down 30%, and volatility going ballistic, do you think that the market will bounce back Monday morning? I was thinking about going back into SPY puts but a little hesitant to see what the feds might do to pump the market. Thoughts on USO puts as well? Anyways, love the content dude.

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