$3,400 Day Trading Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks Are On Fire

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Gil Gonzalez says:

Awesome earnings….so u do a recording for you tube viewers….but do you trade live and record also in your boiler room trading group??…do you go more in depth as to why you chose those stocks to trade??….VERY GOOD VIDEOS…..Monster trader bro!

Cody Stephenson says:

Stayed it. YEco was nuts. with that spread I wouldn't have taken it either

Garagealleycustoms says:

How do I start doing something like this?!

E2 theLP says:

You a canada boy chum?


What broker do you use I have a small acc 645 dollars because I lost 5 on Pti, I was stoked lol because it was my first trade ever and I could’ve made 5 dollars if I wasn’t a rookie so 😀

Robert L Treadway Jr says:

Connor is the scanner trade ideas or trading view?

Music Charts Now! says:

I've been working all month and today was my first day with an empty desk and an opportunity to trade…was watching PTI since open(because of Conner's tip), waited for the dip and just about to enter when the phone rang and some bonehead started asking questions about a file that I had been working on last week(don't ask lol)…and when I got back to mission control it was too late…PTI at $10. Conner your channel is the best dude…I'll be watching in the AM.

Up Trend says:

thanks for the vids man, keep them coming. You're literally the only Day Trader I see who actually shares their end of day profits while LIVE trading without having to pay and watch. Even all of your other video's are so informative. I actually bought the book trading in the zone too. You just inspire me man, keep it up. you're literally so underrated.

TradingMonkey says:

great trading! I also caught pti live action!

Russ says:

scared to trade pti told myself id buy at 8 then I jus watched it go to 10

Austin says:

got it yeco easrly yesterday, got out with small profit then watched it go without me. Got in PTI early today, got out with a small profit then watched this one leave without me. What the actual fuck

kingmike40 says:

Looks easy when it works. PTI continued to 10.

Cicero Araujo says:

you are making us richer thanks

Fernando Guzman says:

You make it look easy Connor. I feel like stocks move to fast for me to get a good entry and exit. Great video

Scott Roettger says:

Awesome vid dude, whats the lowest priced stock you are willing to trade?

Weston Mucheke says:

First time I have made £1500 I am not happy because I have been losing.

Robert J. duPreez says:

Connor, Where can I get my TOS to have L1or L2 like you have at bottom left here in this video? Where is the tutorial to set that up? Thanks!

Chris S says:

I think focusing on one or two stocks is important. Jumping all over takes away attention and missed opportunities. But I don't claim to know anything since I have done nothing but lose money in trying to day trade.

Mezziah says:

YECO and CCCL were good back to back plays for me.


Oh yeah #1 what up amigo!! Great trade !!

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