3k to 100k in 18 Months Day Trading Stocks and Options | Small Trading Account

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3k to 100k in 18 Months Day Trading Stocks and Options | Small Trading Account

6:40 – Broker Statement

This is how I grew my small trading account from 3k to 100k day trading stocks and options. Definitely not easy but possible. I was very conservative for the first 6-7 months then started to slowly size up as I showed consistent profitability. I go over all the details in the video. Enjoy the video!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed financial professional. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investment decisions are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion in this video.


Matt Diamond says:

3k to 100k in 18 months trading stocks and options!

Gene Pease says:

How were you able to scalp options being under PDT?

Joseph Beisbier says:

Sending this to my other trading friends for motivation. thanks for sharing!

Donny H says:

Nice video man. Do PDT rules apply to options as well?

Maxwell M says:

ive always been td and tos should i cheak out ib?

Bargains says:

some great content here!

James Kosek says:

wow ..guess I am going to ibkr

rad1ant says:

will you do another one this year?

Omar Sheikh says:

Do you use level 2?

Stock Chart Steve says:

Hi Matt, I made over $100K in 4 months, but I started with $64K. lol. Still haven't taken the profits.

Michael Nouri says:

Playing it smart. Great to see. Now time for the milli.

Erick says:

Could you daytrade options with no pdt rule? on a 3000 dls account?

4 876 says:

I'm try 50k to 200k

InfiniteQuest86 says:

The thing that doesn't make sense about this video is that PDT rule applies to options too, so… yeah….

Trader Pooka says:

hey cool video. do you journal? what option
journal do you recommend?

InTheCut says:

Would you recommend using Market Orders or Limit orders? Usually my fill is horrible with market orders

Melrose beats says:

How were you getting around PDT rules? was it because its a cash account as was splitting cash for trades? This is so inspiring btw! I started like 3 months ago and up 3 k, goal is to get to 25k to get pass PDT

David Bartsch says:

Hey Matt-
I'd like to connect and chat about your strategy in more detail if possible. I've been studying the market myself for the past 5-6 months. Down a little bit because I jumped the gun by trading without the education. I spend every day watching charts (the joys of working in IT). I feel like the scalp strategy is best to save mental capital and nail in bail early in the day.

1. You mention the same set of stocks you trade. What determines exactly what you focus on in the morning? Ones that are trending up on the daily? Good PM volume?
2. I think your previous video mentioned you always market order to make sure to fill. I've been told to limit, so ive been doing that. It's hard bc sometimes you miss the move. I would consider the market order strategy you employ based on the quick scalp idea. What are you looking at for max bid/ask spread? I have a feeling that the big name stocks you are looking, most are probably liquid with tight spreads anyway.
3. Do you mainly focus on 1st hour or so of the day to trade?
4. In your NVDA example, do you ever buy/enter on the bounce off the 9ema? You said that you bought after the break of that bull flag. Do you feel like you are leaving some on the table by not entering on the bounce off the 9ema? Have you tested that out at all?

I'm sure there are other questions that will come up. Your videos are gold man. It's like having an educated buddy chat us up and educate us. Great stuff

Jack Thomas says:

Love the vids and trading style! Can you make a video of your platform setup where you easily press buy and sell for the options?

Corey Myers Drums says:

This was helpful! I just started trading two weeks ago today. burned my day trades because I didn't know about the pattern day trade restriction. I have been swinging trades for two weeks, I'm up 1K-8K right now. Idk if I'm just getting lucky with calls or have a swing process that works. Any advice?

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