4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!

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4 reasons why Penny Stocks are garbage is this video. Why penny stocks are bad is todays subject. Penny stocks have so many bad things and today I will explain the 4 reasons why penny stocks are total crap. I hope this helped you understand penny stocks better. Penny stocks for beginners is a popular subject unfortunately.

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Ive doubled my portfolio with penny stocks. I started with 15$ now im at 30. I could be at more but ive made mistakes being greedy and missed my opportunity so had to wait which missed out on other stocks. You buy low sell high even if its .05 higher its profit. Ill build my portfolio up then invest in better long term stocks. Still learning my game plan will probably change after i get more experience and more money. #freesharemillionaire

Matt Roy says:

If Penny stocks are a loser's game then consider me a loser. And so far I am one.

John Tipton says:

Most penny stocks are pump n dumps. You can make or lose a lot of money on penny stocks. I how ever tripled my account with penny stocks so far. Yes most if not all are junk stocks but the volatility is how you make it. Buy the fear sell the news. Buy low sell high. Or short sell when the hyped up stock is about to dump based on chart history and fake news from the company. It's about strategy and knowing when to buy or sell or short sell. Don't get greedy with penny stocks. Just grow your account slowly. Get in take your profits and get out and keep you gain % low and share number high so you can make a few dollars. If you try for 900% gains on penny stocks your more than likely gonna lose a lot of money since it's mostly hype and manipulated the big investment companies to alter the price for there financial gain. They ( Pump it up then Dump it )

common sense guy says:

thats why you trade them and dont buy and hold.

Raanan Simand says:

Not a bad video but keep in mind Starbucks was a penny stock for many years and now it's in your top stocks.

Tyrant14 says:

You should talk about Jordan Belfort pump and dump scheme. The wolf on wall street. Male a video aboit what you think about him and his success but also his downfall.

Peter Park says:

Agreed. I also lost a lot of money touching penny stock when i just started.

Owners Key says:

you obviously do not know how to trade penny stocks

911adt says:

Obvious-fucking-ly penny stocks are a scam.Thats how we make money!!! Now, if you think they're meant for long term investment then you're stupid as hell, like some of the people in this comment section. This week alone I made 27.9% on $OPXAW in less than 30 seconds anticipating the dip buy after the first crash. Also made 26.94% profits from $DCTH, also within a minute. All you literally need to know is HOW to play these stocks.

Also, everything you're saying about liquidity and why it's bad, you're just heavily misinformed. You need to know when to play these piece of shit companies. I notice this is quite an old video so hopefully you have learned a bit more on this.

One thing I DO recommend not doing, is shorting these stocks under a dollar.

Oskar Bravo says:

Do you feel the same way about Cryptocurrencies?

Joe George says:

Being later in my life now than earlier, I have seen people flip classic cars, flip houses – I even saw baseball cards I had taped to my bike in 1966 on the cover of the WSJ going for 6 figures in the 1980's. There were times when it worked and times when it didn't. If you can jump in and out of a stock today with a $200 laptop and a $5 commission – I say go for it. If it keeps you out of a cubicle even better.

Leoraime 1 says:

you have no clue as of how to trade penny stocks. Trade, not invest. And penny stocks trade in 10th of millions when hot and way more. Ah by the way FTR is a penny stock and does not fit your description just to give an example the list goes on so yes your opinion on penny stocks is full of crap

Hugo G says:

This guy an idiot. He obviously doesn't know what pennystocks are lol

Dany Murray Trader says:

You can GO watch my channel if you dont understand penny stock…. this IS not scam, but you should KNOW them before trading them….

Chan Dick says:

Can you respond to the people criticising you rather than just thanking those that agree with you?It would make it more clear that either you are wrong, they are wrong or that your video misses out some information.

Driven The Rockstar Kid says:

Penny stocks are garbage. I bought them when I first started trading/Investing… First money losing lesson I learned in the market. That Tim Sykes dude is a pump and dump penny stock scammer lol. Dude is trash.

Zoj De Guzman says:

this video literally saved me $3k dollars. I was up all night researching about this company with less than a dollar share. But the company is real though.

Josiah Put says:

His ideas and four points are mostly true, but his conclusion about penny stocks are absolutely ignorant… Obviously, this man lost some money in penny stocks (most likely because his tactics were flimsy), and now calls them wholly out as a scam… Do your own research to people like Timothy Sikes, Small Cap Millionaire, and 16 year old Connor Bruggemann. They might change your mind about penny plays.

Jeff Woerth says:

The best medicine for the hardcore penny believers is self education. Take a small amount of money and trade pennies for awhile…. see what happens.

Sacha Milord says:

The whole economy is a scam but there still people getting rich in it, everyone tells lies so wants your point.

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