4 Things I Learned this week (Trading NQ Futures)

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I’ll cover a few things that I’ve either tweaked in my setup or things I’m paying more attention to in general.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:36 Removing distractions / Minimalist layout
00:02:00 Read tape, chart only as a reference
00:04:00 Just read the tape on the open
00:06:58 Filter out 1-2 lots on NQ
00:08:05 Volume Profile to idenfiy key areas


Boolf NASA says:

Is it possible to arrange these tools in IB's TWS ?

Francklin Baez says:

Hi, do you know how to move both buy and sell lined up and down at the same time on the chart, if you have a video where you explain it, it would be better if you recommended me that. Thank you

Joachim Weyl says:

Thanks for this video. Great work on this.
What indicator are you using on TradingView to see your volume profile?

Patrick Stone says:

@jimmy Bieri is correct. While playing major areas of supply and demand we were able to calculate its next move up. We got in 200 strike call options at 25 Cents and they rocketed over the next week to 36$ an option. That was roughly a 14,000% move for me and they went even higher about 33k% move on the options.

Jimmy Bieri says:

send me your mobile number and ill send you a statement on whatsapp

Jimmy Bieri says:

offered you free help, and you choose to ignore it rather than embrace it, so i will leave you with one truth, my biggest winner this yr on BA was 63,350% , so 1,000% is like your pissy 20% winners, good luck to you sir

Kenzie N says:

Have you experimented using a tick chart at all? I have been testing it out on ninjatrader since IB and tradingview don't have that option. I find it gives a better historical view of the price action than just a time chart does.

Jimmy Bieri says:

start learning SUPPLY AND DEMAND IMBALANCE!!! I wont charge you foe that but feel free to contact me if you want to make on average 1000% trades every week. you sir are complicating your trading. the tape wont help you and neither will volume bars

BigB says:

at the end of the day nothing matters anyway LMAO

Breeze For says:

LVN's are perfect for CT scalps in CL or also Indice futures i guess!

Breeze For says:

my phone costs me money on a regular bases…massive distraction:D^^

bloodsplotch says:

I was just watching the tastyworks series on options scalping and the dude says he doesn't really bother with tapes as institutions can leave massive orders and take them out in like 7ms so it can be misleading and not as relevant today as it used to be.
I'm still learning and don't really know much about it though, would be nice to learn how you do it, maybe there's an idea there for a future video/tutorial!
otherwise it would be great to see your reasoning process while trading, so how you take a decision to enter, why you exit, how you analyse your info and take action based on it!
btw I love your style and the way you explain things really clicks for me, I've learned a lot from your vids already, please keep up the great work!

Lamont Kachale says:

Do you have a videos on how to trade on the tape?

heroinvendingmachine says:

Isn’t TradingView a little more straightforward as a charting platform? I’d just use TWS to place orders but idk what do u think?

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