$40 Into $400 Trading Options – How To Make Money On The Stock Market! LIVE TRADING

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100 COMMENTS I’LL STREAM ME TRADING LIVE for a whole day. As promised though, you guys came through finally with the last video so here are my trades from last week. Two different plays, one doing $40 to $400 and the other $40 to $200. This was done through trading options, if you are a beginner and don’t understand comment below or go through my videos! As you will see, I traded weekly options which are risky but can be very profitable. I recommend using TOS to paper trading to practice this strategy before trying to execute it with real money! Nonetheless, hopefully this helps you guys understand one of the many strategies I use and help you understand the stock market and trading better. At the end of the day, hopefully it shows you the power of options and the stock market in general. With practice and experience you can do a lot so spend the time to learn and execute overtime, don’t rush and control your emotions!

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Bandit0304 says:

If you could touch on emerging markets and what's going on with oil prices/regulation/Iran that would be cool

Oscar Bautista says:

high quality info. I just trade the common stocks BABA, FB, TSLA, AMZN, SPY cause i feel more comfortable with them, pretty dope how you know about these low priced play's and how you catch them on time! My best play was probably yesterday on FB when it hit all time highs and i had a good feeling that alot of people would be pulling out so i got puts on it . Best play ive had in my opinion lol. I wouldve never known what was going on if i never started incorporating the news into my plays also!

you keston says:

Is biotech stocks probable I see you trade it good video

branden jackson says:

lets get in depth with these tariffs

manjot nizzer says:

Thanks for the knowledge. Would love to see you cover different topics other then stocks and realstate.

Malick Malick says:

Which brokerage you're using?

Nate says:

pure gamble.

Malick Malick says:

I like your system, I hope I can do the same with tastytrade.
The premium of put is always hight and I don't know why.

mike scott says:

Keep it up. Learning alot.

Joey Guzman says:

My man, you the man. I would like to learn more trading from you.

Žanas Radzys says:

What do you think about starting trading Cryptos like this?

Rolando Mota says:

love these videos my dude!

Walter Mercado says:

Do you have any money invested in gaming companies?

Meraki says:

fr bro this is amazing ily

Nathiii Mirez says:

yess please tell us the boring stuff so we can profit

RRodrigues says:

Thank you for sharing man, I apreciate this kind of content!

SKYcry321 says:

On what site do you recommend, for a European, to paper trade?

Daniel Erazo says:

Thank you for showing this brother, I have been looking for new options to trade with and thanks for the input on this!

Brendon Dennis says:

New to options, but how did you afford the REGN option with only $40?

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