$400 Profit Day Trading Stocks – How to Trade Gaps and Using Stops in trading

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very decent day but very frustrating in a way

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timpikz says:

Is there some sort of site or anything where you can look for the best stocks to daytrade? How do you chose those stocks?

Kari Vidal says:

thank you for ur videos very helpful, god bless you always.

93dayne says:

Are you apart of meir barak's trading room? I see you mostly traded the same stocks

Jason Wright says:

I liked the video but you didn't really show me how to trade a gap like the title says. the line blurs sometimes between what your pnl is for your day and showing techniques that you use to make the trades you do. what if you show first, then tell towards the end?

Nicholas Huss says:

Monday is a holiday brother unless u plan on trading futures. Listen don't go crazy with the big size on so many trades per day, that's a recipe for disaster. Cut your trades down in half which means look for better setups and get rid of the p/l entirely off the screen. Understand the time frame traders that r participating in each ticker and u will b able to let ur winners run as opposed to having a fear of giving back.and bailing early. Keep up the great work though great trading this week.

Vladimir Caleb says:

whats your account size and whats a margin>?

majic0101 says:

whT broker you are using and software you trade with?

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