$4,000 Profit In 20 Minutes Day Trading Stocks Live | Penny Stocks 2018

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c seven says:

who would go long on fb with the spy dumping..stupid

Nick Walker says:

Are you using market orders on tos? Seems a bit dangerous depending on what your trading….. good vids.

Simon says:

I agree with the comments below, you're much better and professional on your own Connor. I don't mind them at all in the background, but the sniffling from one of them is ridiculous haha, I've got a cold and I don't sniffle that bad haha putting that aside always a pleasure to watch your videos man, top trader!

Pinky Ring says:

Why do you market in and out?

Weston Mucheke says:

Guys which trading broker you use. I have been coned by before can you help

Georgie Montalvo says:

Great job!!!

AJ says:

No videos today?

David Gregg says:

So the stuffy nosed asian kid that sounds like the retard from SouthPark is back.. his slurs are a bit ridiculous. I think the comments for this video say enough. Connor, we love you bro, but that kid needs to be gagged.

Credit Repair says:

the dude in the back screaming sounds crazy; get him out of here bro

Ivory Leyva says:

Love your vids. Green or red days don’t matter

Chris Bandz says:

Up +$2800 on VXRT

Danny Villamar says:

Don't want to sound like i'm hating but that guy has to go. You're cool, calm, and professional, while this guy sounds like he's at the roulette table… Still love watching your trades. Keep it up man.

Azharul Chowdhury says:

Gotta do something bout that hair bro

A A says:

How do u know when a symmetrical triangle is about to break to the down side,I thought it was a bullish pattern

A A says:

Hey do patterns work in pre market and extend to market open? or does a brand new pattern start at market open?

Motto says:

Watched the other guy a few times losses already, too much hype and lost a bunch, get the sucker out of the room,too much noises will corrupt the quality of the video, his mic is way too loud too, why don't you trade alone, that monkey boom boom is irritating, giggling like a psycho, making way too much noises beyond any psycho. I and I believe many others will never sign up till you get that monkey out of the room and put him in the zoo. Or put that monkey on another streaming window totally separate from your video, Conor listen up or you gonna lose a bunch of new subs.

Johnny Rendon says:

Who is the other guy? Is that his boyfriend?

John Wilson says:

Get rid of the guy in the background or let him use one of your charts so we can see what he is actually doing…

Sigute Houldsworth says:

great trades! Congrats!

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