5 Best Penny Stocks Under $1 to Buy Now

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These are the best penny stocks for 5- and 10-times your money and all are under $1 per share. See how to find penny stocks to buy and the five penny stocks under a dollar I’m watching.

See the stock screener I use to find the top penny stocks on Stockcard https://mystockmarketbasics.com/getstockcard

Penny stock investing is a hugely popular topic here on the channel and for good reason. We’ve booked returns of 49% and 70% recently on penny stock ideas just over the last few months.

Now not all penny stocks are priced under $1 per share but that’s exactly what we’re looking at in this video. These are the best penny stocks for the highest return, the smallest companies that could produce triple-digit returns.

I’ll show you a simple stock screener to find the top penny stocks to buy now along with the fundamentals and research to narrow your list of penny stocks to only the best. We’ll start with stocks under $500 million market cap for the smallest companies with the most potential. We’ll then narrow this list to penny stocks trading for under $1 each.

I also want to screen for penny stock companies with strong sales growth, preferably over 20% sales growth annually. That’s going to find us the best growth stocks that are turning a product into cash flow. Beyond this revenue growth though, I also want to watch for companies that are able to do it on lower costs so we find those with a trend to profitability.

I do have to warn you though, there are some huge risks in penny stocks at this price. Most of these are going to be trading on the pink sheets or what’s called the over-the-counter market (OTC). There are less regulations and costs to listing on this market compared to the Nasdaq so it makes more sense for smaller companies but it’s also rife with scams and weak companies.

That’s why you have to do more than just the basic research on penny stocks. You need to find the few with strong upside potential that will survive to grow into those returns. Don’t freak out if one or two of your stock picks fail. In fact, many of these penny stocks may not be around in a year’s time. The idea is to find two or three of the best penny stocks that will produce three- and 10-times returns on your money for a strong double-digit portfolio return.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.


Ryan Joe says:

I held stock for a long time and invested in Gold and crypto, I've been earning much from it

Chris Taylor says:

Alba minerals?

Dandy Finance says:

It is tough to pick good penny stocks, thanks for sharing!

dennis latay says:

Thank you! What’s your thoughts on Organovo?

Al Goreman says:

Thanks Joseph very good points. You know Joseph the global EV sector is strong with TESLA leading the way. Do you know about Ideanomics (Nasdaq-IDEX) EV & Fintech stock ? It reported $4.7M in Q2 it's on a growth curve, has new truck division, an EV Centre that sells TESLA, Toyota, Nissan and many other EV’s, It owns a large part of E bike manufacturer, in partnerships for charging stations, batteries, energy, 5G and Fintech products.

gianfranco Razzeto says:

This is how the movie wolf of Wall Street was made

icy says:

Please do a 5 best Canadian Penny Stocks!

Ben Peterson says:

How many shares of these stocks do you own

Lance Lang says:

I have been looking for a stock that make products such as paper and materials out of hemp. Hemp grows faster than trees and makes a better quality paper. It also makes extremely durable fabrics. Do you have any suggestions?

Briam Luuk says:

Great video, but I already have a good broker, who gives me a great percentage of profit and I barely encounter any losses with his amazing strategy throughout my 6 months of investing with him. I first started investing with only $3,000 and i made a huge profit of $10,000 every month, all thanks to Mr Mr Alex Brian.

Peaceful Scrimp says:

Great video 👍 right now I'm just trading FDA approvals. But I'm looking for new opportunities all the time

Gregg F says:

It would be nice to hear how much you're investing in these stocks

Steven Zetterquist says:

Is it time to invest in Graphene? Any suggestions on investing in the next big thing.

TheDCGuitar13 says:

Hey joe, what’s your opinion on symbol QLGN? It’s got a pending eua on a 10 minute covid antibody point of contact test, promising pipeline, just got a patent on a potential replacement for chemo and applied for another pattern on a potential mobile covid therapeutic. They have money though 2021 and just had a direct offering at over a dollar higher than where it currently sits with very little dilution. They inherited ritters old network and pipeline and have their r and d on their next drug fully funded by the university of Louisville. They also just signed a manufacturing contract for this drug. One of the biggest diagnostic shippers in the world is also one of Qlgns biggest holders. They also are one of the companies that are able to get government contracts. They are located near the naval and marine bases in so cal and the official spokesman for the fastpak tests is an nfl hall of famer with lots of pull in league circles. I see plenty of short and long term gains on this ticker but lots of tunnel vision is making day traders not see past the pending eua which is currently on day 105 (so it’s any minute status for eua). The only reason I brought it up is because when you went through your criteria of penny stocks you like, it kept fitting the description to the t.

Alan B says:

What's your opinion on Drive Shack? Topgolf competitor

Jed Shertz says:

Thanks for the video bow tie. Hey are you familiar with Netlist? Won a judgement against google who was using their patented tech. Eating on the financial settlement with goodbye and a South Korean company who also lost a judgement to Netlist. Can you share any thoughts with me if you are aware of this?

Joe Rice says:

Check out planet 13…. 100% growth 3 yes in

TheConspiracyMan8 says:

that KBLB stock that makes spider silk fibers reminds me of a movie called ICE SPIDERS. where the spiders were created to create super silk for manufacturing but the spiders escaped and started killing people at a ski resort.. i hope they aren't trying to mutate spiders into giant killing machines.

Kellysmuji says:

After watching today's video, I threw some cash at TELL with a 2.5 year $1.00 call. Hoping it goes above .74 in the next couple years :).

Thanks brother, keep up the good work!

Ahmad Gray says:

I once bought a penny stock for about 0.65 cents soon it went to about $5.47
. My only regret is not buying more. And held it for too long

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