5 Cars That Depreciate Like A Stock Market Crash!!

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Neu says:

Rs6s is sooooo cheap in Sweden 2nd hand. The v10 biturbo went for over 1m sek and now you can get one for under 300k seek just a few years old.

RandomUser M says:

they got phaetons online for 5k. shit I might buy one eventually.

RandomUser M says:

I knew this guy would be british just by the thumbnail

Matthew Shambler says:

Pretty much any French car.. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but in South Africa you can pick up a used Renault, Citroen or Peugeot for next to nothing..

Joyce Smith says:

can you do Infiniti cars

Stephen A says:

My son at age 18, and an apprentice, was driving an old Mitsubishi Sigma that he purchased for $400. On his way to work, he met a Maserati Q in the middle of a roundabout and damaged the Maserati drivers door. They exchanged details and a week later he was sent a bill for $70,000 for the door repair. The insurance company claims manager nearly had an annurysm! They refused to pay the claim and took Maserati to the Fair Trading Tribunal. The damage repair was independently audited and came out at $8000, which was also rejected. The insurance company cancelled the Maserati's insurance policy. They now refuse to insure any Maserati and they are the #2 in the industry. A local panel beater replaced the outer skin of the door, repainted it all for $1000. My son is paying that off at $5pw. Justice.

emad malik says:

What about Chevrolet caprice?

///AMG says:

The M5 looks so basic it’s not even funny

radrcer says:

The only thing i buy new are clothes and food.

PTR GR says:

The Land Rover/ Range Rover beats all the cars on this list. I wonder why it's not on the list?

1keykneedeep says:

Any GM product. Especially Cadillac.

Michael Wayne says:

not interested in dollars…nearly all UK clips in content….brit narration…so do it in sterling.

Jorge Espinosa Valle says:

all those cars is not preferd so buena suerte gringos!!!

&reas Bimmer says:

Most amgs lose their value very quickly within 3 years.

adjumaro says:

0:36 okay maybe i should stop watching that here

Jason Nav says:

I'd rather by a ford ranger they keep their value too

Master Chief 00117 says:

Mercedes Benz. After the warranty is up. They drop like a rock..

panzer waffen says:

5.5 v12… add to that the ugly design

Peterson Anson says:

don't buy that Jeep Cherokee ever. I rented one and it had so many issues.

Al Seraidy Mohammed says:

I like the title lol

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