5 Dividend Stocks To Buy During This Stock Market Crash

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5 Dividend Stocks To Buy During This Stock Market Crash
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With a lot of us going through our first dip in the market it can be a little difficult to have faith in the market. Although things are down right now the crash will come to an end and stocks will rebound. Take this opportunity to get some great value on dividend stocks.

In this video we will look at the 5 stocks I added to my portfolio today!

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Brad Finn says:

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Leave in the comments your opinion of my dividend portfolio!

Robert Kakooza says:

I really appreciate that video but would you talk about airline stocks as well thanks Brad Finn

Connor Pugs says:

paying off debt is always a good idea (unless the interest payments are less then the dividend yields) and you happened to also sell off during the best time to. Great idea to come back though, excited to see where this goes!

MINDS in Motion says:

Excellent review. Fyi Ford suspended their dividend.

Lissa K says:

Thanks for sharing! Dividends are definitely tempting lol. I don't have much to invest right now so I'm sticking with my index funds lol. Would love to hear your thoughts on future vids about ethical investing (would you consider it, why/why not) and also your opinion on what the markets are doing right now. A couple weeks ago I thought it was just a dead cat bounce but now I'm wondering if we've actually seen the bottom of this crisis?! So confusing lol. ❤️

TheCollegeMuscle says:

Ah aflac i forgot i wanted to look into them

MountainMonkey2 says:

I was going to put all my money into a few mutual funds and index funds in a Roth IRA. But after some thought and research I've decided to stick with my individual account and from now on I'm only buying stocks with at least a 4% dividend. Later on after many many years I should be able to live off the dividends and maybe even retire early. Even before the IRA mandated 59 years old!

Edgar Servin says:

$T is solid for dividends. Have you thought about getting into oil?

Freedom In A Budget says:

YESSSS! I love portfolio updates!

John M says:

Why Pepsi instead of Coke?

Honest Finance says:

Good stuff Brad. Thanks for the video!!

Q Makes It Happen says:

I appreciate this video Brad! You should look into Realty Income! I'm liking them a lot 🏁

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