5 Friday Tweets/Students To Learn From

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Congratulations lately to so many http://tim.ly/eduvest students, here are 5 great students for who things have really “clicked”, I want that for ALL my students so let me know what kind of lessons you like best and what you think I should focus more on, I value your feedback greatly!


house chillin says:

hey could you tell me the top 2 or 3 trading sites/apps that I should download/sign up with to start? thanks

dmanfire4 says:

Really do appreciate these videos, any chance some of these learning videos become free for your younger followers? A little steep for us ?

Romario Beckford says:

Can you make more video lessons about stock scanning ?

Andrea W. says:

thank you very much for all the time you invest on teaching us (please thank your fiance too!!) I'm studding How to Make Millions and I being watching many of your you tube videos and God willing I want to start trading in December… I was wondering if you can tell me until when are you guys having the Thanksgiving Specials?

jose cendejas says:

i wanna start this up timothy and i just needa know what i need to do to start doing this ?

jordan tapp says:

I've been stuyding so much for the past 2 months, I feel prepared to grow my account. Thank you Tim!

Ahmad Jibran says:

You are doing awesome bro ?

Carlos Gorge says:

Where's the best place to learn more about strategies and advice

Johnny Day Trader says:

You're awesome

Reno vlogs says:

when the opportunities come there is no time to get prepared

Alex G. says:

Are you gonna make an How to make millions DVD giveaway ?

rey torres says:

hey tim can u point me in the right direction to start trading and how I would get an account to put cash in to start??

ch bodazaphfa says:

Sykes, thank you for putting your material out there.My goal is to be accepted into your millionaire challenge. I applied this past Friday online…also called after your last webinar.Was told by both I was accepted but haven't yet heard back or received an email after doing my 1st of 5 assignments.I'll get in somehow.I am determined to get where you are.You're an inspiration to me brother.Thank you again…for everything.

PODNation says:

Hey Tim, can you talk a bit about how to spot/discern the end of a sector bubble- at which point do you stop investing in a sector, knowing its impending doom?

Also, I have a friend that claims day trading is impossible/not reliable because it has no fundamentals. Now I've been studying your lessons quite a bit, so I know that's BS but how do I go about convincing him to rethink his position?

Marco Pagan says:

the next time there are several earnings winners can you explain whether in each situation you would dip buy them or trade the breakout over the hod / resistance level? I am having trouble figuring out which I would use in each situation during the day.

MadMike says:

Hey tim, I've been a subscriber of your silver program for two years now and although I have learned a lot with all the material I've purchased, Id very much appreciate if you would include the daily chart on your videos more often. You often only show the intraday chart, which doesn't really present the "big picture"

ItssTroyy says:

i been waiting all day for a video

Noah Jackson says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Nick Vedugeres says:

Good stuff tim

Hien Nguyen says:

When does the DVD sale end? I'm still voraciously devouring your content.

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