5 Lesson Friday With StocksToTrade Demo

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Apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc to be a Trading Challenge student before price increase in 2016, along with http://tim.ly/holidayholiday as prices are going up there too for new subscribers only (existing subscribers don’t worry, we’re not raising prices on you!), so many new features for 2016, especially http://stockstotrade.com which I’m SO excited to build out, beta testers wanted now, email admin@timothysykes.com



Im 14 and i went to talk to you and ask you what i should do with my future iv been studying all this stuff making money and trading is my hobby i love doing it with a passion and im happy when i do make some sorts of money and i went to talk to you about what can i do with my life to become like you.

quevon15 says:

Tim died and back with a new voice.

john Barnett says:

i have full intentions on joining tim sykes's website and buying some of his dvds, im not prepared just yet. i dont know if the dvds will explain basic programs to get started. im surprised to see some charting programs with such high monthly price tags. this is all new to me and im looking to start paper trading as i learn strategies. is there a site or program that will let you have a fake account with a few thousand dollars to practice with or is paper trading just pretending to trade by just following and writing down what you would have done? if anyone can aim me in the right direction i appreciate it

Mostafa Mohsen says:

could somebody please tell me what the program that he uses is called, the one that shows the graphs

Steven Doyle says:

Hi, I'm taking steps for your trading challenge, just need to let them know when to contact me, I'm waiting to see if i have trading restrictions due to family working at investment company..
anyway I want to get HTMM and pennystocking silver but can only get one.. should i wait to see if i am accepted before i make any purchase? also if i am not accepted which do you recommend ? lastly what should i expect for challenge price? as you can see my budget is tight and I'll need to start planning now…
thanks tim! hope to work with you

Robin White says:

Tim. LOVE all the videos and commentary.

Ryan McGregor says:

Great video, thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me how you knew RWLK was going to keep going up the next day?

Bob Bayer says:

Stocks2Trade looks just phenomenal. Remarkable work +Timothy Sykes!!!

Marquis Franklin says:

please looking into my application marquisf15@gmail thanks

No Mind says:

lool +Timothy Sykes " I'm dying, one second " it's not going to matter what the price of your challenge/college is, The Dedicated will pay it.

Jose Castelan says:

+Timothy sykes can't wait for stockstotrade tim. Made $1000 on $rwlk today from work. Thanks for your teachings and a better year to come.

Kris Danielson says:

How much will your plans go up ?

Bboyillogic says:

Hey tim, is the new feature (stockstorade) will be part of the new subscriber or will that feature be separate?

Steven Ledger says:

love your video's Tim. Wish I had the capital to start trading, but I am saving and I will keep learning from you so that I am in a good position to start when I have enough cash. Good luck with your trading in 2016.

Bob Golfs says:

what exact date will the stockstotrade program come out i wanan buy it!!!

hybull says:

If I purchase a subscription and it runs out in 2016, do I have to resubscribe with the new prices?

hybull says:

"keys to success" instantly reminds me of DJ Khaled on snapchat

CamGordo says:

It might be a long shot, but would you consider keeping the deals going through Christmas? A little tight on cash at the moment (college student) and lot of us youngins get Christmas money as gifts and I'd like to use it to buy the HTMM dvd.

Hayden Hanlon says:

Is their an exact date when the sale ends for the plans?

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