5 min. Charts

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Today we drop our time period on our charts down to the 5 min. time frame. This is done to help us practice trading and seeing setups for the Simple Trading Method. Even though you may not trade this time frame you can use it to find and trade this method.


Adrian Bräysy says:

I like this, and have used similar strategies, but taking spreads into account, I like 15 minute charts much more which is still very short term

krishnazee061 says:

which time u trade sir? am trading gold and crude oil as well am beginner.

Paul Kelleway says:

In any case, if you are so good at this, why would you waste your time posting stuff on youtube? Why bother. If you are truly any good then post your profit factor on the past 12 months from your account statement please. That would give you some credibility!

Paul Kelleway says:

Why does everyone talk about when to enter? When to enter is the easy part, but what about when to exit? No trade makes money if you don't exit with a profit! This really irritates me with all these youtube videos because they only talk about entries!!!!!

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