5 Minute Timeframe Live Day Trade – 15 Minutes and Out

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In this live trade video I take a sell position from a key level of resistance. After the market failed to test a support level I was confident we would see further selling pressure down to the support and resistance zone.


Sam Ford says:

Hi buddy, I've got two questions….first of all which charting software is this? tried finding the answers in your other videos but haven't been able to. Also, do you recommend spread betting or CFDs for scalping? Many thanks.

canuseeme17 says:

Do you use IG market? or CMC? can you recommend wich broker is best?

Bobo Riverdale says:

I have watched few videos for the past few weeks and found it's very clear & well explained. Very helpful!!
Can you please walk us through what is common time frames & indicators that you will recommend for day trading. Thks a lot!

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