$500 To $1,000 Per Day Keeps The Real Job Away

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I LOVE making useful and inspirational videos like this from wherever I am in the world as there are SO many misconceptions about what you need in this life and I’m so thankful for my entire journey, I want you to be my next http://tim.ly/sykesmc millionaire student…you just have to be dedicated and be willing to think outside the box as most people’s assumptions about how to get rich are simply wrong…so is it in you?


Jacob Merryman says:

great video. I'm inspired. hey when will stocks to trade become a broker

ImStarx says:

Very inspirational. What's the video you would recommend to start off with? I'm still under 18 but studying will not hurt. I'm just waiting for February and I'll be ready to start trading stocks.

quagmire444 says:

Tim I've been studying your videos and studied all of your free traderchecklist DVD for the last month along with trying to get a better grasp of different strategies from a variety of traders and im finally ready to start trading.

Next tuesday is the day that my wire from the bank goes through and i'll be able to start trading on Ameritrade, im so hyped!

Micah Biffle says:

love your simplicity, up front honesty, and your positive mindset! keep doing it! You're the Yoda of penny stocks!

troll mint says:

Where do we start like if we don't have enough for your challenge

Cicero Araujo says:

what about your affiliates. somebody is saing that is how you make your money

Minstorm says:

So my only question is how the hell does the edge of that pool work?

UnleashThatBeast says:

I died when you said "They are weird .. as FuCk" LOL XD

Adsac says:

My goal is to make 500$ a day on average

Rohan SF says:

amazing view !! :0

Jo Elite says:

I wish we could sit down and you teach me personally I'm a full time high school senior and I'm sick of my part time job at walmart

KayvanChan says:

Thank you!!

Arjan Dhamija says:

I want to get trained by u but I'm only 13. All my classes are 2'years in advance and I have A's in everything but Spanish. I'm going to work hard and when I'm older I will get trained by u and become better than u!

More Peace says:

good stuff…you big Ole pimp!@dagodsson

Ferullo1 says:

Lovin' infinity pools! Your energy and devotion to teaching us is truly genuine, so thank you for sharing!

sorsorsor11 says:

Hi Tim! May I have a question: You did your first dvd almost a decade ago, do you think that the things you teach there still applies for today market, keeping in mind that most people learned from the past mistakes they made during the boom and the following few years? Thank you.

ilir ajradini says:


Devan Velo says:

How do you choose a stock?

Devan Velo says:

Hello Tim Why are we not allowed to travel to the South Pole?

shalvin prakash says:

Great vid Tim, it's really inspiring and refreshing when you make videos like this, I love listening to what you say

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