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Own The Chaos says:

UPDATE: Custodianship was granted after this recording was completed. Overall down 10 cents on the day, but this thing has been pretty choppy the last few days. Remains to be seen if the merger will go through, and I will update you all if anything changes. Thanks for the view and please like and subscribe if you learned something from this video!

johnnyLiberty1776 says:

What is the deal with INKW? they're talking about doing a 2 billion offering before plant launch! great video on UNRG.

j b says:

And people concentrate on saving $5 on commissions! People, free commissions dont matter in OTC land with stocks that move like this!!

alan316 says:

Great video, I was there to see this unfold what a great run it had. congrats to everyone who was in it. Brad see you on SWS 8:30 PM. WTHQ number 1 place to learn how to trade stocks! FOR FREE! While you're there get Bad's Mentorship you won't regret it!

Joker Pineapple says:

Reverse mergers used to get 1000% gains on the petition being filed and runs use to be
10,000-30,000% runs year after year they dwindle down now your lucky to get 200% on petition filed. Good what your doing educating the masses but just understand that by doing what you and other traders do you are killing the OTC liquidity. 25+ years and I'm glad I'm close to out because guaranteed in 5 years from now there will only be a few runners per year for reverse mergers. Something's don't need to be taught they need to be preserved and handed down to people that can be trusted with the knowledge. Ever since New School traders start exploiting RM there have been countless traders that have tried to start their own custodian company's and look how those ended up leaving people bagged up from their lack of inexperience with courts and filings halted because proper forms were not submitted so in essence info like this is hurting the OTC.

Swing Trader says:

Look out for NLST . My favorite penny stock

Jacob Amaral says:

Get that bread Brad 💰

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