6 Rules To Not Lose In The Stock Market

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Every trader has the same goal: win. Every trader will also lose. Even the best traders like Tim Bohen.

Experience, knowledge and preparation are key in this market but they won’t protect you from losing.

In this video Tim Bohen talks you through his biggest loss and the rules he follows now to avoid losing.

He was already trading penny stocks, had the right skills, and was making all the right decisions before this loss. So, what happened? He fell into the slow day trap. He got lured into a chatroom with big gain postings.

The most important rule: It’s all about you. You don’t know what’s on the other side of the computer so don’t make assumptions or compare yourself to anyone.

Trading is a solo sport — every person for himself.

Don’t fall into that trap of trading just for the action when you’re unprepared.

Jumping into a trade with no plan is the ultimate cardinal sin.

Make sure to listen to Bohen’s story and learn from his mistakes.

What was your biggest loss? Do you agree with these rules? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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usp211816 says:

I tend to learn things the hard way, by failing a lot, it can be a bit painful, but it might take a while before my threshold is 8k painful.

ZachR says:

Hay Timbo how did you find the time to do all these interviews at the conference you were running around as it was. Thanks for posting #NoDaysOff

Nicholas Losco says:

🙏!!!!!! 👍🏼

izaiah martin says:

hey im very interested into learning more into stocks im a security guard in fresno cali im only 19 years old and would love to learn how to work the stock market when im older, i would love to get feedback if you have certain courses thatd be great, my emails izaiah.martin.14@gmail.com

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim S. n Tim B. … 🙂 good advise in what not to do..

Róbert Nagy says:

melyik szabályokat ? amiket ti csináltok ?:)))))))))))))) a jogdijam változatlan :))))))) 50 milliárd euro/csatorna / honap :))) egy osszegben kérem a pénzem . +késedelmi kamatok :)))

Wells Peterson says:

Hey tim I DM’d you on instagram and have a very important question for you. I promise it will be worth your time. Also I just wanted to acknowledge your work ethic and how you constantly strive to not only better yourself but others. Much love

Shiffi Don says:

Hi Tim, please help, Jovi is yet to respond to my mail. I sent you a DM on Instagram as well. No response

Trading Escapes says:

thanks Tim, takes a lot to admit when we misstep

Clown With twitter acct says:

He’s talking about biginners.

Cindy Kempl says:

Learn all you can and follow the rules! 🙂

The Big Athur sihotang God Bless. wong batak says:

How I get your free DVD sir?

Dustin Payne says:

As in Card playing the saying always goes know when to hold and when to fold and folding is the master skill in this game, cause in holding like they always say the house always wins especially overnight in the market of volatility.

k8 says:

More like… dont do this!

Daniel Sckarin says:

I shorted this stock in that day and made nice $9000 in 15 minutes 🙂
Rule # 1 cut losses quickly. Always follow your trading plan.

Belligerent Instigator says:

I got from this video, that we should not be emotional traders. Just because in that moment you did not use the 3x inverse ETF properly because of how you felt, does not mean always avoid.

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