[612] Goldman warns of a market top; World Bank downgrades growth

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According to investment bank Goldman Sachs, there’s big risk ahead for a market sell-off. And SpaceX has plans that could make traveling to space a much more affordable journey. Ameera David has details. Then Boom Bust’s Bianca Facchinei reports on new data showing how much the birth rate is affected by the economy. Afterwards, RT correspondent Manuel Rapalo explains the economic importance of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Washington visit.

After the break, Edward Harrison talks about the Fed, the international monetary system and gold with Jim Rickards, best-selling author and Editor of Strategic Intelligence. And in the Big Deal, Edward and Ameera discuss the World Bank’s downgrade of global growth and its connection to the stalled subprime auto market.

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RE Mant says:

Rocket propulsion has been around for a long time. If space travel using it made any real sense, development would be much further along by now. Cars were already going 80mph when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built a century ago. When economic conditions are bad, sensible ppl defer marriage and hence parenthood. Been going on a long time. Some, however, encouraged by govt largess, do not, while others, like those on the Indian subcontinent, are simply too selfish, preferring to push their problems onto future generations. Birth rate helps clarify the real impact of the LBJ years and their aftermath, including stagflation and the stagnant stock mkt. Peculiar that the GOP liked the Chinese; Dems, on the other hand, India. We won't get inflation, we'll get more stagnation, so, if I were Rickards, I'd expect more attempts to get it. Silicon Valley will have to invent virtual toilet paper. Uber appears to be trying to become the next Google or Facebook, whose core business, I'd say, is raising money.

Thiny1991 says:

Crying wolf …eventually the wolf shows up but could be another 2000 points higher.. Who knows

Perry Mathis says:

Al this and yet the market continues to surge. Not going to end well.

ourmanthejoker says:

bubblicious activity. lmfao! i love that and will use that

theo w says:

Low birth rate mystery: Western nations are suffering from feminism and the death of Trad Con values. Men in the USA are victims of the family court industry. There are no incentives for men to get married. Men raised by single mothers grow up with a lack of male role models and suffer in a feminist agenda education system. These young men grow up knowing one thing for certain, "Get married and you end up like dad !"

Misandry is alive and well in western society, woman destroys life out of whim or convenience. Modern woman lacks empathy for fellow humans and desires status through hypergamy. The suicide rate among men is alarmingly high compared to women in western nations likely due to this age of anti-family.

But, for every action there is a reaction and technology will be part of what is to come. Western philosophy has already shaped a creed and lifestyle for men in this age. Men can embrace the fortress of solitude and can find fulfillment through doing. Women on the other hand will have cats to comfort them into old age.

Vim Hill says:

why would a private company need U.S. approval for a flight to the moon, do they own it?  or perhaps the air between here and there

Hum Tum says:

bubblicious is a chewing gum. google it

Roads Less Traveled says:

Ed, actually you did say China "consumes" about 40 % of the gold that is produced every year at about 16:26 of the interview with James. Just sayin 🙂

Island Guy says:

jim rickards hair – business out front, party in the back = mullet

blkcoupequattro says:

The Big Short!

yin ng says:

The fact that Uber driver popping up the auto loan bubble…. It’s very true.
Know someone with an very average car who had Uber for awhile but quilted early because made less than lowest wages (much less than $15). Said that Uber drivers who are making money are those who drive fancy cars. So there must many had taken up auto loans buying those fancy cars Uber around the towns.

John Smith says:

Soros fund buying up tons of gold. I think could have actually been right again.

D Storm says:

In 1930, global population was a bit over 2 billion.  Today, it is 5 billion more.  FIVE BILLION MORE.

personkid21 says:

Ameera is indeed the youth generation. She never heard of "bubblicious"???!!
Damn I'm old

ashrit kashyap says:

Why the heck is it not available offline?

MainAccount says:

Just keep stacking gold, silver and bitcoin. This is the best single action we can take right now to spare our family from the incoming (don't know how soon, but certain) stock market, food stamps, bonds, derivatives, unemployment, military spending, municipal debts, underfunded pensions,trade deficit, real estate, social security, national debt, dollar inflation, medicare, credit card debt, student debt, etc, bubbles pop.

deltaskyhawk says:

Bubblicious is a brand of bubble gum…. it is already taken!

jerran sperarman says:

great show ameera

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