64: Trading Options Full Time: $0 – $100K Annually with Kirk Du Plessis

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Kirk Du Plessis is the founder of Option Alpha, an online education and coaching platform for investors interested in learning more about the financial markets and derivative options. Kirk is responsible for everything from maintaining the business model, revenue strategies, marketing, strategic partnerships with brokers, writing, design, and website development.

During the show, Kirk will cover options strategies, risk management, trading psychology, option pricing and portfolio allocation. You’ll learn how other make this a full-time income including ways to optimize the process. Listen to the end to hear the best trading platforms plus Kirk personal investments.

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LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirkduplessis
Optionalpha.com – http://www.optionalpha.com/
Optionalpha.com/toolbox (Software) – https://optionalpha.com/toolbox

Where we are:

Sam – Asia
Johnny FD – Ukraine
Kirk – East Coast USA


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Time Stamps:

04:35 – Brief background
09:26 – Trading and running OptionAlpha
12:40 – Risks in Forex and options
15:01 – Common options
17:27 – Being a full-time investor
20:54 – Selling option contracts
24:22 – Leveraging methods
30:19 – Generating 6k per month
37:31 – Optimizing through software
42:52 – Win rate preference when trading
47:38 – Best trading platforms
49:51 – Kirk personal investments
56:47 – Buying index funds of VTI

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