7 Tips to Being a Better Stock Trader (and More Successful)

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7 Tips to Being a Better and More Successful Stock Trader. Get more tips at http://tradersfly.com

Tip #1: Have an open mind… there is more than one way to make money in the stock market.

Tip #2: Stay away from the news and media when trading. They only discuss hype and whats hot – but it will make you inconsistent.

Tip #3: Master the art of trading first – then go bigger… you can always increase your share size later once you are consistent.

Tip #4: Your success is up to you… you have to do the homework, you have to create your own risk and reward strategy

Tip #5: People have different views… some look at the longer time frames, others look at the shorter time frames. And I’m not talking about charts – im talking about world views and future outlooks.

Tip #6: Study longer charts time-frames and learn to understand vega when it comes to options.

Tip #7: there is more to life than just money. Live for a higher purpose and use stock trading as a tool.

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Asad Raza says:

hello sir i want to knw how to confirm that share will gave me profit

Leonie Maxis says:

thank you really appreciated.

Matthew Rees says:

This has really helped build up my confidence

Ajit Shetty says:


Thomas Frithioff says:

And tanks again :-)

Nils Petter Farstad says:

Good video! I just want to give you a tip; Turn off the music in the background :)

Bruce Rush says:

Great videos as usual Sasha but I don't really agree with you when you say stay away from news and media. I think these are essentials means to get news about companies. the big challenge is as you said there is a lot of useless news or what we call "Noises" and we need to learn what news are noises and what are not.

I am sure when you trade somehow you have to listen, watch or read the news somewhere to get enough information specially about the stock fundamentals before trading.

Mike D says:

Great Videos, Thank you so much for posting it has helped me a lot with beginning to trade. How can I see your posts on stocktwits?

Travis Kersey (WhiteCrowGaming) says:

Hey, I cam across your vid while looking around YouTube. I enjoyed watching your content and learned a lot, really informational. I also make YouTube Success videos, like how to get more views & Subs if your interested you can check out my channel and we can learn from each other.

Edgar Ndani says:

i am a big fan. i am south african trying to do international trading specifically US. however, i cant get a significant site to start right away. please, i need your recommendation on which sites i should use.

kh “wink” yang says:

Hey i wonder if you will reply but, my dream is to be a stock trader.

I am turning 15 this year, and my dream was to be a stock trader since when i was young. My father is a economics professor so i got interested in the economics side of the world.

I heard from my dad that mathematics is the 'language' in the realm of many different subjects in economics so i am planning to study harder on that.

Is there anything i can train or learn beforehand to survive the stock trading world?

I am trading game items online maybe that may help, and ive been making profits here and there lately, but certainly they are a lot simpler than actual stock.

I want to make my dreams come true, and i feel like you can help me a little ^^

Again, is there anything i can train and prepare myself from my age? Would it help?

Thanks if you did reply, and certainly a great video!

66ehssan says:

Hi, thanks for your great video. I started trading science 4 month and I must admit your tips are really Good. Tip Nr.7 is something that not everybody likes to say, But you did it. thanks again, great video and I like your voice :)

Robert Lam says:

Such as nice guy :)

MikeyonPC says:

Hey im a 17 year old who knows about trading & investing, i want to start trading very soon, but i want to know, how much money should i save till i begin trading, i have a little over $200 right now, and what trading company should i open it up with, if you can get back to me it would mean a lot.

04HEETH says:

Amazing. I'm new to stock trading. Thank you for doing this.

daman karir says:

baby I like it

Yadukrishna Sudhikumar says:


Mohd Hafiq says:

Hi sasha. Do you have facebook? Can you do a class on Malaysia? I would like to learn from you. Thanks.

Kyle Olson says:

Hey Sasha i just started watching your vids a couple hours and have been really intrigued by them. You explain things super simply which is awesome for me knowing nothing about stocks. This is my second day of research. Do you recommend doing other things with your money besides stocks? Everyone I talk to is talking about IRA's and investing in commodities like  silver. What do you think?

Zapper Zapped says:

Awesome video and great tips!. Thanks a lot dude!. Sad to know that i`m not a longer term trader and unfortunately it is so true that nobody`s as successful as Warren Buffett being a long term investor… 

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