7 Top Penny Stocks To Buy 🔥| May 2020

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Charlie goes over the Top 7 Penny Stocks to buy and watch in May 2020. He also provides evidence for his findings as well as his opinion so that the viewer can start their own due diligence. But never hold and hope with any plays!

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📌New to the stock market and #trading? We break everything down in a short sweet and simplified way. If you have any questions, go ahead and comment below and we’ll answer them!

📌ZipTrader also places an emphasis on day & swing trading PennyStocks, Marijuana Stocks, Biotech Stocks, and Pharmaceutical Stocks.


DISCLAIMER: All of ZipTrader, our trades, strategies, and news coverage are based on our opinions alone and are only for entertainment purposes. You should not take any of this information as guidance for buying or selling any type of investment or security. I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and personal experience. An individual trader’s results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. It is important to keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in the stock market and that one can lose all of their investment. Thus, trades should not be based on the opinions of others but by your own research and due diligence.

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ZipTrader says:

✅WeBull "Get 2 Free Stocks!" -> https://bit.ly/2F6rz62
🚀The Circle -> http://facebook.com/groups/ziptrader

Kayle Fullforth says:

AQST has been wicked

TonLars says:

CPRX, thank me later

Vanessa says:

Honestly I disliked this young man at first. But he is by far the most fun and intelligent trader to watch… only been doing this a week now up 30$ even after a horrible end of the week but plan to watch tons of videos and research for the coming weeks. You young man are amazing so glad I watched more then the one video!

R D says:

You forgot to add TSLA

Mikej1592 says:

I was not prepare for the tech selloff this week and got burnt on amd afterhours. some things Ive learned from this channel and my personal experience, I tend to get antsy if I haven't traded in that first hour of trading. and I end up buying in on not so good setups and almost every time I buy in at validation and forced to sell at confirmation. Yes, you read that right, lets move on. Also buying in at oversold on certain stocks doesn't always pay off but it can show you when a reversal is a good deal. Although in pre market I have noticed that stocks go from oversold to overbought in single minutes and super tiny price fluctuations, so I really hate trading pre market. A stock can go from oversold to overbought and it hasn't even achieved confirmation yet in an upswing, then rides overbought for 10 minutes and I end up missing a run because its overbought telling me I shouldn't buy in, and it fucks with my head. But also I find myself holding too long on losses and selling too quick on wins. So when I do bad trades I do BAD trades and when I do good trades I do good. trades. In a single day one trade I could lose $100 but it will take me 6 good trades to make up for that loss, and that really frustrates me. I am getting better, and trying ton convince myself that it is better to not trade at all than to make bad trades and lose money. 0 is better than -$100 any day. This is my side hustle for now as I try to get better enough so I can stop worrying about horrible below cost of living raises at work and finally afford to buy things I want other than just paying my mortgage, buying food, paying insurance and gas to get to work, so I can get money to buy food and gas to get to work, to make money, to buy food and gas to get to work to…

C & C Productions says:

Gonna get WeBull soon

C & C Productions says:

You’re the only guy who compels me to actually hit the like button. You slide it into an unsuspected sentence haha

Justin Randolph says:

I missed XSPA now I'm stuck with 50 shares I worked the week it spiked

Ananas Torte says:

Hey what broker can you recommend for EU people 🙂

Michael Miziker says:

But Charlie…The only pennies I am seeing on these stocks are on the right side of the decimal point that follows the dollar value. Haha still great content, i like CLVS.

Robert Lewis says:

Man I hope WeBull becomes available in Europe soon. Seems quite ravishing.

Paul Mazza says:

I ravaged the f out of that like button.

choim dachoim says:

All I get is error at webull's Open An Account Page after typing in their code sent to my phone. Now clicking on your link below gives me the same error page.

TotaLxLegacy says:

im sorry but im new, just been here for a week now! How do you guys trade like a spoiled brad xD?

Azu Shi says:

3:45 Why do we wait for catalyst? I thought there would also be anticipatory runs close to FDA approval date.
Also, why was the anticipatory run from Oct-Nov 2019? That was so far away.

Garrett says:

Ravished… need to towel off…

jigssup says:

Damn, I'm trading on Trading212 and they never have any of your picks!! Well two but that leaves 5 missed opportunities!

Monkey.D Luffy says:

Anyone have any predictions on clovis and their earnings report on may 5th? Good time to buy in ?? Also im new to trading, I dont really understand what Chsrlie said about it, buy with the aniticipation and sell when? After fda approval?

Paul Smith says:

Love watching this twice cause you say the ticker to fast Wtf

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