7 Year Crash Cycle Points to 2015 for Major Stock Market Collapse! September?

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“Wall Street ‘experts’ have missed every stock market crash in 20 years – MarketWatch”
“Why U.S. banks hid billions in derivatives trades from the CFTC”
“Short-seller Chanos on China: ‘It’s worse than you think'”
“Debt Is Good – The New York Times”
“School-Loan Reckoning: 7 Million Are in Default – WSJ”
“Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers – BBC News”


Alex van says:

it's just one big continues pump and dump

Vicente E says:

this morning it shows stock going up calling it a market rally is this the climb before the crash?

Alexantros Tsirambidis says:

Man Made!

movieklump says:

The seven year cycle missed the biggest crash in history. 1929. Woops. Superstition and religion are the enemy of reason.

bandrukesucks says:

Market made a first new record with a 600point single day gain.

SuperSatan666devil says:

More bull shit to say?

GORGON says:

North Dakota Becomes first state to legalize drones weaponized  with tasers ,tear gas, rubber bullets & sound cannons .

marblewan says:

Hi David, another great post. Always a thumbs up!

Said Mohamed says:

its also linked with something they call jubillee

Achilles Hoplites says:

lol more bogus GDP numbers the gdp was in the negative in the 40's there was no gross domestic product we only made bullets and had no consumer goods people were dying in America of malnutrition

Roger Stancill says:

Hey David, forget watching the clock…. who stole the gold from Fort Knox?
and, what system of barter worked best before governments took over?
Do 'the people' really have to have a system provided for them?
This is just beyond NUTS …. are there no real leaders anymore…. pshaw

Michael H says:

I did an experiment with a small group of 5/6 year old children. ALL would rather live with their 'today snacks' than risk going without tomorrow. Even if the promise of extra snacks or sweets in a few days would make them happier, they were all troubled by their sad friends. Even the the kids with the extra snacks said they would share the snacks fairly with those who had 'lost'. ALL said they would rather not live in debt. You can learn a lot from 5 year old children!

RatioPerfect says:

the 7 year jew cycle

You Dystopia says:

good info dave…tying the 7 year 'crash' cycle to bankers doings rather then shemitah 'judgement'…thumbs up!

James Hall says:

Right more debt, we 'll spent out way out ! I get it.

Ibpn says:

7 year "ish"

Rhino Horns says:

This current 7 year cycle actually started in 1966, with a downward trend in the stock market that happened in the autumn of that year. We are in a Super Shemitah cycle, which should be Biblical in the collapse that is coming. Then comes the Jubilee, which will involve war, most likely with Israel and others.

vincentyeo88 says:

what about in 1997 and 1998 when stock markets and currencies of all countries in Southeast Asia crashed to rock bottom during the Asian Financial Crisis?
even before September 2015, stock markets and currencies in the region of Southeast Asia have already started to crash.
the prices of many stocks have collapsed more than 90 percent!

Water Mccullough says:

the trolls have to take the month off starting last Monday hahaha

The Truth Is Out says:

Am soooooooo happy I know the Lord is coming soon for his children get ready repent the Lord is on his way 😇😇😇

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