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No, Amazon and Apple stock are not crashing.

Due to the holiday i didnt want our traders to freak out so i decided to make a video on why amazon, apple, and microsoft reported to be down 87.24%. I hope you all understand why i made this random video and wish you all the best 4th of july!

As of 11 p.m. Eastern, Google Finance said Amazon.com Inc. shares were down more than 87%, to $123.47. Previously, Yahoo Finance said Amazon was down 74%, to $248.49. In reality, Amazon AMZN, -1.48% finished the day down 1.5%, at $953.66, and was up 0.1% in after-hours trading, according to FactSet.

But incorrect stock data on the popular Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg sites appeared to be freaking out some investors Monday evening, after test data was apparently misinterpreted by third-party providers to those sites.

Article: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/finance-sites-erroneously-show-amazon-apple-other-stocks-crashing-2017-07-03

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Jess Fulbright says:

"Technical Glitch": just like happened to silver; the price went from $16 to $14.50 in one second for no reason. They shut down and just arbitrarily reset the price to $15.50 because after the hack they had no idea where the price should really be. This sure looks like a dry run to a major hack to me.

ammartm1 says:

Shit if the stock drops that low I will go all the way in I will buy whatever I can afford

MegaTriumph1 says:

Don't worry about. Always buy during a down period.

Chris The Barber says:

technical issue……yeah right this is not a coincidence it's manipulation…..how often does this type of thing happen to this degree at a time when the markets already in question

Joel Hernández says:

I just bought 5 shares for $124???

CD says:

Is this why you're selling the Z06? Lol.

Enrique Cornejo says:

they got hackt or just a incorrect data shown

PaiNExoTiC says:

Nothing is down. It was a glitch. One simple google search will do it for you…

Michael Noviello says:

Its a technical glitch……research it…

Hunter B says:

Ricky, I am typically in the market but I have been out for the last year. I just feel like there is a lot of hot air in the market right now. I hope I am wrong for everyone else's sake but we are due for at least a significant downturn. I guess we will see.

max leaman says:

Lmao, I bought $990 calls yesterday and then this shit happens.

Mohammed Rashed says:

do you think lots of people are going to sell . wouldnt the stock go down then bounce up

Do DoDo says:

so if you actually get filled at this low "fake" price that would be a great trade?

Robert J. duPreez says:

A lot of people are not happy with Amazon and it doesn't surprise me that they got price hacked. They are a very aggressive company.

RD Cards says:

just subbed

Ann Vill says:

Could this have anything to do with the North Korea missile that was just shot today? I hear there is a real concern by japan. Not sure if this could ever be a factor at all?

Barely Russian says:

You just got so many subs off this video. Welcome to the squad new guys

Christopher Bojorquez says:

Bubbel just poped

Bori says:

I almost shat my pants.

Keegan Webster says:

2% battery left.

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