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Today we review the top 8 penny stocks Video I released where I gave you penny stocks o buy for June and promised you that they will SPIKE IN VALUE on that exact date.

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Top 8 penny stocks to buy June 2018

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Zaid Kur says:

Guys this is the last month for signing up for the private mentorship program won't be advertising this anymore I know you're prob sick of it I;m sick of it too. , find out more here (https://www.patreon.com/zaidkur)

larj Larj says:

Why does every cover photo on your videos look like your having a shit ? 😜

Oriana Hierro says:

We know the exact dates these penny stocks will spike in value but when they release the results, where do you see the article? Do you just look it up on google to see if there is any catalyst or they publish it in their own sites?
What I'm trying to ask is, where do you find the info about the results?

Great video Zaid, thanks!!

samsneak143 says:

How bout hmny and inpx bags or gold

Eduard Giurgea says:

Zaid what time of the day is the best to get in for day trading? Uk/europe time i mean? Thanks

Txtssdt Txgxtxt says:

Thanks for VSTM

Uzzy Huss says:

Which broker do you use to trade penny stocks?

game walkthrough says:

might want to check out pot stocks. they are going to moon on Thursday or Friday if Canada passes the vote and legalizes it.

Roberson Louis-Jeune says:

Thank you for the positive results codx

cliff cox says:

That was ME!!!

OK, I lost, but it was MY mistake on PLX. Should have talked to you before.

Ahmed M says:

Today I waited till PLX gets pumped up to 0.52 and then I shorted to 0.49 😀 . Short works really well with positive trials after they get overbought.

Engineer Microchip says:

Hey Zaid. I have a question. PLX today. In my opinion I did it right. Waited until the news came out. Expected to spike it somewhat, not too much as it was in-house news, nothing official. So I jumped in immediately, pre-market but bought at 0,5147. So not at the price of the previous day where the 10% gain is based on. I traded only $1000, I am listening too you and am careful ;-). The price spiked to 0,528. And after subtracting the brokers costs my profit was $10. So, it sounds promising …10% profit of my S1000 would be $100. However in reality it was only $10. Can you comment please

sebastian telefin says:

hi Zaid

can you let me know where is the best to trade penny stock? I've looked in cobinhood app

Romeo Lives says:

Brilliant advice, as usual Zaid! People are hard-headed, greedy and inpatient! Not everyone will listen to the brilliant advice mate! I have no problem with your advice! Thank you Zaid!

kev player54 says:

You use any indicators? (I use macd and RSI, macd for entrance and RSI for overbought and oversold)

Jesse brown says:

I joined and I'm making money. Thanks zaid!!

Maria Rangel says:

Very precise on how you elucidate this video. Great points. Excellent how you can manifest into people’s life, and you don’t obfuscate them. Your work is very scintillating. Keep up the good work. 👌🏻

Ahmad Sandhu says:

Yeah thanks

Luis Garcia says:

Bruh you’re the fucking best

Marcus Sangster says:

Thanks always great job

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