8 PENNY STOCKS TO BUY MAY 2018 | Penny stocks for beginners

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It’s that time of the month where I give you the top 8 penny stocks to buy or trade for may 2018. These penny stocks are guaranteed to move up or down in value in may 2018.

List of penny stocks:
SIGA – May 1st
AKAO – May 2nd
MNK – May 3rd
RXII – May 17
GTXI – May 17
RXII – May 18
KTOV – May 31st

Link to track the dates for the release of the trials for these penny stocks:


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Rye Phillips says:

Akao stock trading hold? What’s that all about

winston eichmann says:

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Jonathan Lilly says:

Looking for a little guidance here.

The past several times I’ve traded using this technique I’ve run into the same problem each time: The previous day close amount is around .50+ lower than the current going bid/ask due to the pre-market rates. I go in with a market buy as instructed in the videos, but because of the pre-market trading I always get the stock .50+ higher than the previous close.

Mind you, I’m still able to pull off profits, but they are only 10s of dollars because I wasn’t able to get the stock at the lower previous close amount.

Looking for any suggestions you have on this scenario, I’m sure some other of your viewers are experiencing the same thing. Figuring this out would help us all increase our profits.

Thanks for all the work you put in making these videos, looking forward to bigger and bigger profits using your strategy.

John cena says:

News on SIGA are very very good !

AyDot says:

The best materials for beginners in Penny Stocks!

James Kelly says:

I've been getting positive results man. Keep up the videos. A few dollars here and there add up at the end of the month.

Дмитрий Комаров says:

Good tidings! Did you know that Telegram created an open ico? cryptovilla.org/ico-gram

Larry Xieu says:

thank zaid for video!

The Burrard Street Journal says:

Great video man! How do you factor in the cost of the trade when you're trading penny stocks? If I only invest $100, will I make enough to cover 2 x $7 trade fees? Cheers, love the channel. Great to see an Irish lad doing well!

Genomer Paz says:

I am really glad I found this channel. Hope you keep these videos comin. I am starting to learn and understand trading bcoz of you. I'll dig in soon after I try virtual trading. You're the best bro. Hope to meet you so I can thank you personaly.

Nkemcalistus Chimezie says:

I respect ur you broda you are a source of inspiration to me…

Willeenie Tecat says:

Well done, Zaid!

John Carver says:

I happened to be scanning through my newly introduced Binance, having been watching videos all day regarding the subject of Crypto currency. Can you explain what happened to OAX/BTC this evening (UK time). I saw it after I noticed it was at the top of my 24hrs gains list. The currency seemed to have been fairly flat with slight incline and then without any obvious blips went shooting vertical !! ..My percentage calculator puts the high to low beyond 65%. Be good to hear your thoughts.

Harfi Bhullar says:

Good for day trading yeah?

Антонина Пчеленкова says:

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Paulius Treinys says:

where to check penny stocks list? Someone have a list? Thanks

nicholas coles-gamache says:


avgg2008 says:

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Ahmed M says:

Thanks. What happened with today's BTX? They havent released anything today as scheduled. dont get it.

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