$812 in 30 minutes Trading the E-mini S&P

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Live trading the E-mini S&P for a healthy gain in the last 30 minutes of the regular session. This was a great setup I had waited months to find. This is how to end a Friday, ready for the weekend. $812 in 30 minutes.
This is unedited trading footage, so everything is real time.
4:35 Things get exciting.
22:17 Things get scary trying to exit a busy market on a retail platform.

Disclaimer: Trading futures is extremely risky as it is uses a highly leveraged trading vehicles. I would say only trade E-Mini ES futures if you have an account over $20k and have put in years of work researching and actively trading the markets. The money can come quick but it requires a defined strategy.


francois goreux says:

Well done mate!

John Yap says:

Thanks for making and sharing this video.
Btw, please help me to understand why you can't get your position fill when your are trying to exit your trade around 22:17 period?
Did you use market order or limit order for exiting?
Btw, what platform are you using?

Daniel Skiba says:

new to trading what indicator were u using?

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