9 PENNY STOCKS TO BUY JUNE & JULY 2018 | Penny Stocks For Beginners

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Today we go through the top 9 penny stocks to buy June / July of 2018. These stocks will spike on the exact dates I’m going to give you because these penny stocks will have to get FDA approved on those dates and they will release results which will influence the stock to spike on the day.

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Finding penny stocks & analyzing reports:

How to day trade penny stocks

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How To Day Trade Penny Stocks

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Zaid Kur says:

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yudha ibrahiem says:

Brillia….. looking forward for it.
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your thumbnails need some work

Roberson Louis-Jeune says:

Listen Zaid! I love your channel and I share your video all the time with friends, and had made lots of money so what I am trying to say is please don’t stop this channel.

esad ruhani says:

Hey Zaid, how do you find these stocks, more specific the dates? And, last week I bought both INFI and RNN at open market after good/great news was released and still both of them dropped down on price. How often does it happen ? Thanks

Txtssdt Txgxtxt says:

Thanks, for PSTI

G - Knight says:

I enjoy all of your videos. Thank you Zaid

kev player54 says:

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The brilliant passionate mentor. Thank you, as always Zaid!

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Gigi says:

Is this the last month to get into your Patreon group?

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You should do a Discord chat room!!

Crypto Trader says:

Fucking legend your gift is your simplicity 👊🏻

Esther Queen says:

Thanks for the video, you are so great at stock trading…I love your detailed explanation on how to trade Have you thought about venturing into forex trading?

Prince Superior says:

I thank your ugly ass for free money

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