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In this video, I show you exactly how I was able to make a +$993k profit this week on Gold, and I show you how I catched a perfect sniper entry to bank the whole move on Gold (XAUUSD).

The secret to success in this industry is simple. Consistent traders are patient with winning trades and enormously impatient with losing trades. Most traders that are out there get into a winning trade and what happens? They get extremely anxious. They want to get out of the winning trade because what’s gonna happen if it goes into a loser? They start to get very impatient and they got that finger on the sell button because they don’t want to see their winner turn into a loser. On the opposite side, if they’ve got a trade that is going against them, a lot of traders will say you know what? I’m gonna wait just a little bit longer to see if this thing turns around. Does that sound familiar to you? You probably have done that yourself. I know I used to do that a lot. Wealthy traders turn that just completely on its head. They do the exact opposite. They are patience with the winning trades, and give it time to work, and they are ridiculously impatient with losing trades. That means that they are out immediately if it goes against them.
Even with a hit rate of just 30%, you can make a lot of money, if you know how to cut losses quick, and let winners run. I think there’s a lot of people out there that think, that consistent traders just have great trades every single time, and it’s absolutely not true. They’ve got a lot of losers. In fact, they lose more than they win most of the time, but they are so crazy about cutting those losses, that they are able to take kind of the randomness out of it and use it as the edge they have, to make their winners do the work for them. Small losses, small wins, and big wins. This is what you should focus on.

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JasonSt says:

Amazing bro keep it up

Paras 1 says:

100.00 lot size that’s scary man, be careful of fundamentals which those big lot sizes

Carlos Eduardo says:

Demo… 🤦🏾

Duke ดิ๊ก says:


William John says:

Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

Helen Brown says:

sometimes a market breaks out of range, moving below the support or above the resistance to start a trend. How does this happen? when support breaks down and a market moves to new lows, buyers begin to hold off. This is because buyers constantly noticing cheaper prices being established and want to wait for a bottom to be reached. at the same time traders who are not experienced or lack cool heads begin to sell in panic or building short positions beacuse they believe it can go lower. The ability to keep a cool head during times like this one of mr wilsons traits in other to make profits seperation from emotions is needed that why i cant trade for myself yet as i have not yet mastered the seperation of emotions

Jim Peter says:

counter-trend strategies rely on the fact that most breakouts do not develop into long term trends. This is one of the many effective strategies Mr wilson uses to gain an edge in the markets from the tendency of prices to bounce off previously established highs and lows.proven by my profits to have a high success ratio. Mr wilson also gives importance to the risk management aspect of trading especially strategies that rely on the support and resistance levels holding

Samuel Dean says:

The recent trend is the fact that cryptocurrency traders can never be poor, cryptocurrency is the best form of investment anyone can carry out now. Sometimes when we have that specific money that we want to invest in a particular thing, we always focus on losing and then investing or spending money wrongly. One reason you need to invest in crypto and its technology is because; Crypto is changing the shape of the economy of any nation that approaches technology and that way being an early adopter gives you an edge over others that will buy into it late. While looking at the growth rate of cryptocurrency and the opportunity it presents, why not look into it and have a rethink about the particular investment you wish to make now. Bitcoin has changed my life because I invest in the right way and one thing that gives me joy is because I also learn the concept of trading from a pro to accumulate and hold more bitcoin. Why worry about watching so many YouTube videos without getting the right information you are looking for. Let a pro tutorial show you how to get started on your crypto journey the right way. Using my first month of sir wilson strategies and signals, I profit up to 500%. My 2.5BTC gave me a return of up to 9BTC. Looking into this month as well, do you have any plans to achieve? I urge you to contact him for all your cryptocurrency questions and how to get started

Kent Phil says:

My experience with the online market is something unique but started in a bitter state. I made more than $35,000 profit using strategies I saw in tutorials investing in the stocks and Forex market within the past few months in a demo account as a newbie. So I decided to place trades myself with all excitement I lost ,I tried a couple more times and it all resulted to losses,I was confused and said to myself but I used it in my demo account and it worked(I didn't understand) I was frustrated I kept making huge losses. I lost hope in investing in the online market after a week of trials which all resulted in losses and have left me with $12,000 loss in my account. On the 19th of July 2019 while I was going through a magazine at the office I got to know that for better and profitable results in the online market as a newbie it's advisable to go under guidance of an expert fter reading this article I got in contact with Mr Bill Wilson a pro whom I saw his contact there and how he has been generating profits on behalf of his clients my interest gradually grew back I soon got in contact with him, he is a very patient man as he first ask about my background knowledge of the online market before he continued to put me through the basic things and ways to make massive profit using he's trading technique. Also he showed me his specially and uniquely designed layout and he also provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals to start up well(All these when I got into his investment programme with $4000).While LEARNING I was also EARNING ,soon investing in the online market became fun and enjoyable. . He has been able to generate me more profits than I ever thought…Till date I clearly remember my first profits was $22,000 within a span of 1 week..(Now I have more than enough making my first hundred thousands with Wilson didn't really come easy due to losses which are inevitable he manages to make them few but after that my second thousands came rapidly. .Because of he's efforts I have a more comfortable and relaxing life. I make more than my monthly salary investing in the online market)

Tj Flores says:

What broker do you recommend love your videos brother

Winston Gary says:

The most fruitful decision of my existence was trading with @ RYANBURNNET_FXTRADE on Instagram I wouldn't have a second thought of choosing him over every other trader . I tested the waters with $ 1000 and in few days I got a return of $ 8500 . His diligence and trustworthiness can't be compromised

Brandi Adolph says:

I’m truly proud of the amount of progress I’ve made investing in the forex market. With professional help from my investment manager Mr Nigel K. Phineas, I’ve accumulated over $190k in profits from my investments

Mesut Demirel says:

It is no real

Vince Buu says:

Wow….im really noob until im MC invested

Jaromír Hoffmann says:

So you earn 1 million in one week but still sell courses? Come on, man…

bavadiya Sanjay says:

Chaka laka boomm 😇 you geniuses

bavadiya Sanjay says:

Well done 👍👍👍

bavadiya Sanjay says:

Nice bro 👌👌👌

bavadiya Sanjay says:

Jordar bhuuu

Chase Tran says:

Mad profit. 👍

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