A Fascinating Live Trade From Friday

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Using the Sykes Sliding Scale from my free http://traderchecklist.com guide, I was able to choose a BETTER risk-adjusted trade by choosing my entry point meticulously so that will up my odds of profit dramatically even though it’s a “worse” looking chart/setup


DOTAN kanterewicz (DasirmanXX) says:

Tim what software is this?

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

tim what do you think of sdrl?

NeverFail Gaming says:


Jefe Seattle says:

tim sykes for president

1Bash says:

awesome explanation!

jul ian says:

Mate I just wanted to say that I do appreciate your work. I am learning a lot from you and that really makes me thriving in all parts of my life.

Sanket Jadhav says:

Hi Tim, How much do i need to get started with you please? I am a student and I dont want to see my parents working like dogs anymore. I applied to your challenge and got selected for a phone interview.. But no one called me.. :'(

Help? please?

Evan Knutson says:

Tim, if the stock opens on Monday at less than 4.85, say for example it opens at 4.80. Would you allow it time to potentially break out, or double-top? Or would you immediately sell because you are up?

Philipp w says:

Great 👍🏼

Noah Jackson says:

Love it! Thanks so much!

Richard Smith says:

I signed up to be one of your students. And you sent me the email of what I need to start, 😁😆😬 I'm crazy excited to start learning and I hope and pray you take me as your student👼🏾🙏🏾. Everyone look he's legit, I recently signed up for the 2 weeks trial on Profitly and I'm on part 9 of watching your DVD on traderchecklist and Tim your very intelligent. I just can't wait to work up the funds to start trading.
-Your future student

Philus Theo says:

First to comment

Kevin Simas says:

thanks for sharing the knowledge 😎

Owen Deline says:

Keep it up Tim!

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