A Free Trial ? Day Trading Penny Stocks And Stock Trading

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Raymond Wingfield says:

Great rant Payd… your product is too good to give away..these people should do like I did and man the F up and do the life time membersjhip..they will not be sorry..and believe me my little $5000.00 is on the way working towards the $100,000. Your alerts are great.

Jo Brown says:

I'm not one asking for a free trial and don't want one, but comparing the "do you get a free trial with _____" wasn't really accurate. If a gas company gives a million gallons of free gas away, they lose a lot of money. If a hotel chain gives a month free to ten thousand random people, they won't make money for a long time. They have a finite amount of product. Free trials can be good from a marketer's perspective because it creates positive expectancy. Anyways, not hating just elaborating.

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