A Great Dip Buying Pattern

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This is one of the many patterns I cover in my upcoming http://spikeability.com DVD & weekly http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinars, another one tomorrow 4-6PM EST so you trading challenge students please come prepared with great questions!


Lion Alerts says:

I want to get accepted as a trading challenge student, my grammer and whatever I type might not influence the decision to accept my application, but my determination and work ethic will. How do you filter applicants?

Quote Genius5563 says:

i go to school in the morning is it as profitable to trade in the morning as in the afternoon
  #college  student looking to be a challenge student

kslice0 says:

I'm loving these more technical charting and trading videos. Great strategies.

Julian Sanchez says:

What do you mean by former runner Tim? Thanks for your videos. It is very selfless of you to give us so much of your time. 

John J. says:

Hey Tim, do I have to open an ETrade account to use their platform?


I know this might be a weird question but what do you think about mexican stocks aren't they sort of like penny stocks 

XAnimazingX says:

Hey Tim when can international students join profit.ly? I did read youre tweet That you where testing a new broker for int. Students.

Steadfast Fishing says:

i tried to navigate your website but found it very confusing. would like to get into the profession and you seem like the man for the job. will try again soon.

Moley Holey says:

im assuming this pattern would still apply to an earnings winner as well maybe even a contract winner as long as there was a spike and it has that history of spiking, dipping then gapping up the next morning?

Max Roth says:

etrade pro? good 

John Chovie says:

Tim, what platform is this?

BackerRacing says:

Thank you for another great info filled video… i was starting to to run out of videos to watch on your channel.. and congrats on the engagement

Arman Farid says:

Hope to be a challenge student one day ??

Alberto Lopez says:

Talk about selling put options, is the reward not lucrative enough. 

Jacob Kustra says:

Hey Tim! I was wondering if you could make a video on how to get started in penny stocks for like straight beginners! I would love to do what you did but am having trouble starting! I watched so many of your videos but still would like a video straight from you on how to do it! Things like going through brokers, and starting and setting up your accounts! Thanks!

Donny Jackson says:

We Fucking Love you Timothy Sykes!

Specnon45 says:

I'm not to sure about this trade because I have quite a small account, but good luck Tim I will be amazed if you bank going long on this! 

David Likens says:

Tim, I just got my Challege Team box of goodies today.. I am fired up to learn all of the rules and disciplines.  I have a goal of being a #profitly top trader, In a very short time. Happy Engagement! I hope to see/ meet you in Vegas in October.. Keep up the training!

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