A Low Risk Penny Stock Trading Setup

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Wahid says:

This was a good trade !

Jay Kim says:

This was a good trade! Thank you for your great education!

andrew wilson says:

I am reading your An American Hedge Fund homework. Its interesting that boilers would call clients during dinner time for the best chance of convincing others to buy into the stock their promoting. Congrats on your position on ISCO. Seems like a smart move to wait for the press machine to hype up the company on the weekend while you bought in at $17 and sell for about $27. It seems like once a huge spike happens it is bound to go back to its initial price once the hype is over because it cant sustain the current upside volume.

susanjenkins2233 says:

This is a good setup. Thanks Tim

Edgar Camacho says:

no days off!

Lucid Jackson says:

this was a good trade
lets see if this billionaire catalyst has legs despite its lack of ideal volatility

c rooden says:

good trade !

manstacad says:

Hey where do you post your commentaries. like at 6:04 which site is that?

houston thompson says:

These trades are the path to getting rich. These small gainers with announcements like this are the safest plays out there right now if you get the right entry. Great vid Tim!

Panghoua Yang-Yip says:

This is a good trade.

andrew wilson says:

Hello Timothy Sykes. I was very inspired by your video especially the one with the David Robinson interview "if you pursue your dreams then you will exceed your dreams." I applied to be one of your students through your website. I really really want to get picked up and learn from you! I figured sending you a message through youtube might be the best way to reach you. I am currently doing my homework. What I liked about your 1st video is that you want to create not just one but multiple millionaires because that is what brings the inner joy and happiness as a teacher. I felt very touched and again I really want to be a part of your team. I also want you to be interested in my future as we go through the journey of learning your strategy that has helped others.

Seth W says:

Does anyone understand wut the fuck he's saying

Travon Woodmore says:

this was a good trade.

Lace Elaina says:

this was a good trade. something you mentioned was patience! geeze, such a critical skill im trying to work on with trading. thanks for the informative video!

Luis Ruiz says:

Thanks so much for all the knowledge you provide for free 🙂 I have been trying to get the Penny Stocking Silver in Profitly, but it seems to always decline my cards, I have sent an email to support but I haven't gotten any response yet, I want to make trading Full time, I will be doing day trading, so that's why I need to get the practice and knowledge to do it in the most profitable way, and that is also why I want to get acces to it as soon as possible…..could you help me out with this issue? btw my card are debit cards, would that be the issue?

William Williams says:

I think I might be starting to get this. I'll be watching this again and taking notes. Thanks Tim.

Jeric Byrd says:

I promise u I was watching this but I didn't know it was #billionaire play although I read it didn't know who he was should have did more homework lol #lessonlearned from I got u tho #nodaysoff @noreplicasofme on ig

Tradin2017 says:

THIS-A-GOOD-TRADE. Who cares if it is a saturday. Thanks for making this man!

TheCoquifrog says:

where do u find pennystocks for the week?

zacter says:

Tim Do you recommended Triforce &Whats its difference from your strategy ?

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