A Major Warning Was Just Issued, We Are Approaching A Market Crash – Episode 1087a

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Report date: 09.28.2016

The Rich are becoming very cautious, sales in Greenwich decline, housing declines at the same time. Durable goods declines for the 20th straight month, which signals we are in a recession.HSBC’s Chief of Technical Analysis sees signs of a 1987 crash. Bridgewater calculates that the central banks around the world only have between 8 months and 24 months before the entire system comes down.

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russell tiger says:

I think x22report that you're reading into things to much. I'm not saying you're wrong but I've lived through these scares since the late 90's and people I've known had had the same scares since the early 70's. It is gonna happen sooner rather than later no doubt about it but as long has you have FOOD and a way to sustain it away from big city's you're f-ked. How many people do you know that can do that? Most people are living paycheck to paycheck. Why not make a video about what you can do about it instead of buying weapons and metals? Oh yeah, you're just doing this to make a buck on a lot of poor and uninformed souls through your youtube channel. I'm not saying weapons and metals aren't good things when the shit hits the fan. But sustainable food, water, and properties away from big city's is paramount. Those former things come after. What good is weapons if you can't have gas to rob people that are prepared away from the city's.? What good is food if you don't know how to sustain it? What good does metal for money do if you can't or don't know how to use it? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Angela M says:

you need a podcast, killing my data, man. I miss you. ✌

Rife Kimler says:

We are not going to have inflation because the "money" will never get into circulation. What we will have is actual shortages and a worthless dollar.

Ricardo Soares says:

I was in Portugal in 2009, now I'm living in the Toronto area, I'm starting to see the same thing that I seen in Portugal in 2009.

Ricardo Soares says:

I was in Portugal in 2009, now I'm living in the Toronto area, I'm starting to see the same thing that I seen in Portugal in 2009.

veronica says:

Does anyone think there will be a 2016 tax refund?

Blackknight88 says:

If the fed controls the market, they alone are the only losers if it crashes. Won't they just prop up the stocks with more money to prevent it from crashing?

Nor Mats says:

I see we have some antichrist's posting here, at least they are up front about it, it's those that are but claim to be of our brother Judah that are the most dangerous

436w664 says:

"the economy" has been "crashing" ever since it was designed 100 years ago.

Daniel Mount says:

All Americans must Boycott Walmart they are supporting Hillary Clinton. Do not support anyone that are supporting the Criminal Hillary Clinton.

CTROCK says:

nothing going to happen! I been hearing this same old story 10 year ago!

Tox Allen says:

thats uo to 24 mo away. Same thing they said in 2008. Still nithing has happened. what hapoened to our major collaose un 09/27/16.

mike anderson says:

look at 08. the banks kept everyone in the dark. then boom. they were telling everyone it was fine. 0 percent interest rates for a long time. it will happen and when it does people are going to get burned.

Michael Francis Christian says:

Are You Ready, Ready for Jesus Christ – and the Rapture? You dont have to listen to this, if your saved in the blood.
This person is an oportunist to make money by have ads slipped in from his Chanell (Montising)
I do not bite!!

goo godoll says:

you put your money in because you are told that is the way to "invest". Invest in what? the deep pockets of the crooks that run the Ponzi scheme

goo godoll says:

Ponzi schemes work  for awhile…so the ultimate global financial market…you may only gain  from the next sucker…

blastomycosis says:

do you know a channel called global economic news reposts all of your videos?

Brian Meynell says:

"Nobody owns anything. When we die IT all stays here"………George Carlin…………There is always a Market Crash coming. The Market is rigged by the 1%, who just love to occasionally "shake out" the little guys, who still haven't worked out the scam yet

Tobby The Tobester says:

again? we've been approaching the collapse for years! lol, this guy.

Star Man says:

A lot companies are not traded on Wall st . So the hedgers don't rob them

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