A selloff in this market, should you panic?

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On Friday, you saw the decimation of S&P 500 as it tanked close to 60 points. Investors are getting worried with thoughts like…

Should I continue holding my stocks?
Should I sell my stocks?
Is this a market top?

This means there’s fear in the markets and you can expect volatility to pick up — and it’s a good thing for traders like us.


Because you can capture swings in the market without having to wait for weeks for a trade to play out. And this is the trading setup on S&P I’m looking at right now.

Plus, you’ll discover the truth about stop hunting. If you’ve been getting stopped regularly, chances are, you’re making this mistake — and I’ll teach you how to avoid it.

It’s a content-packed video, so click here to watch it right now.

Talk soon,
Rayner Teo

For free trading education, go to http://www.tradingwithrayner.com


Hyatt Trading says:

Thanks for the great video Rayner.

I like how when price has retraced to a resistance level you are possibly looking to short, you look for the weakening of bullish price relative to the bears, instead of waiting for a traditional entry signal to form (Around 10:00 for example).

Merry Christmas

martin rubio says:

hey rayner thank you for sharing your knowledge im just a beginer here in this field and have no idea what are this things all about but since im watching your videos man..i can see slowly the big picture of trading..i hope you become more successful in this field THANK YOU SO MUCH RAYNER

Tbessix220 says:

Great video Rayner! You're funny lol

Arie Gunawan says:

Great videos, great spirit, and great funny voices you made there Rayner hahahahah…"the text book says…" thanks again man for the sharing 🙂

David Eagen says:

Please traders it is not "stop hunting". There is A LOT of money sitting there waiting each and every day to pounce. Me and many others are just waiting for an outside day and we all jump on at the same time. This doesn't mean we are "stop hunting" we are participants just like everyone else. With the speed and information we have today, the timeframe for trading has gotten shorter. That is all that it is. The same things were happening 10, 20, 100 years ago, just on a different timeframe. They didn't have the same daytrading and speed back then as we do today.

David Eagen says:

Rayner, I am about to watch your vid this week and wanted to thank you for your time and effort, from David in Canada

TaimurWulf says:

Great video, Rayner
and love your impression of the text book traders lol

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