A Stock Market Crash and Recession is Virtually Unavoidable [Howard Marks]

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We have been though out the biggest expansion in the financial market history, more than 10 years since we have seen some major market correction. In this video I will explain the market cycles and why recession inevitable.

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Guy says:

I know next to nothing about economics, but one thing I wonder about for the future is how changes in environmental policies could effect the economy. I believe we’re approaching a critical time in human civilization where at some point in 10 to 50 years, we’ll need to make some MAJOR changes in the way we live, eat, manufacture, travel, use energy, and everything else, before we deplete all our resources and/or cause catastrophic environmental damages. I think the day is coming where we will have to start making decisions that are devastating for the economy, but necessary for the future of earth and humanity.

Greig AB says:

Aimstone, first thank you for the video, for adding value. But, I think you would have more subscribers if you didnt have 5 to 9 Adds in a 18 minute video.

David Levy-Agami says:

Wont happen till 2021. Never ever happens in a RE election year (if its 2 new candidates then yes) going back to Gerorge Washington.

Abhinandan Abhi says:

Does this huge & exaggerated rise in markets and inevitable recession round the corner giving me an opportunity to enter after a sufficient fall??

Shawn Clark says:

Game over for America if we go to Negative Interest Rates!

Zumreta Kaplanovich says:

You can always print petrodollars, but there is a problem Petro Juan

babyaquino sal says:

Bitcoin transform into goldcoin in exchange in stockmarkets and services in the world's trade and industry.

Shayan Asgari says:

the question is when. of course there is going to be a recession

Jayyy Zeee says:

Every time I see someone from a credit rating company, I wonder how they're even still in business. Did they get punished at all for their crimes in 2008? What a bunch of crooks!

Pe6ek says:

No-one knows shit.

Thank you.

Tomas Loucka says:

the end of old monetary system is here
becose too much debt is not good for anybody

TheSelfishMicrostate says:

For the idiots out there hoping for a recession under the theory that this will cause Bitcoin to moon, history shows Bitcoin only does well in up cycles in the stock market more generally – if the stock market crashes, Bitcoin will also at least in the short term – maybe in a year or so later Bitcoin will start acting as safe haven, but in short term Bitcoin will get hit also, so this is not something to hope for. I think the economy is fine – we saw some bond market indicators like 9 months ago, but nothing really happened so I think whatever the danger was back then, it is gone now.

louisaparker says:

Human life, as a whole, is a cycle. Therefore, markets must also move in cycles. Now, that's logic. The existence of market cycles finally proved.

ThaMan says:

.com in the 2000's, housing in 2007, and in 2020 it will be Startups. Since 2010, almost $1.1Trillion was pumped into startups. It's already drying up. They call it a tech bubble but to be real it is a Venture Capital bubble ie Startup Bubble

Supreme Trader says:

Your accent 🤦🏻‍♂️

IamTonyStark1 says:

There r no billionaire economists.

James Donham says:

Not one mention of the crooked Federal Reserve system which has caused every single boom and bust cycle. I'ma outta here!!!

Gokhan Zeren says:

Fed >>>>>>>>>Game Over

Stella says:

"Game Over" 😂 Don't be Silly.
The problem is that the elit are hoarding Money supply and its not able to trickle down and circulate into the market therefore QE has failed the Capitalist.

spell66 says:

If they keep printing, to supress to short end, the long end will spike due to inflation concerns. That will blow up the junk bond and BBB market.

The long end is already rising and with it the 3 month – 10 year diffence. Countdown to recession start with the inversion, but the uninversion signals an immenent recession and has a perfect track record. Inversion bottomed at 50bp and spiked within weeks to uninversion. Now it is at 23bp and growing.

Recession is already here, and the FED cannot stop it. They can only offer credit but they can't force people to borrow to create demand in the real economy.

Lowering interest rates will only make it worse, since savers will even consume less, while borrowers are already maxed out.

And this is already showing up in the CLO market. It is going to be very interesting.

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