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All are in panic about a stock market crash but in this video I show you two reasons why and actual stock market crash would be good for you! There is a big difference between owning more of a business and having a higher numerical value on your stock portfolio. Stocks a volatile and could fall extremely in no time. Therefore, by owning more of a business and buying on the cheap you increase your long term wealth.


Michele De Luca says:

yep exactly!! the important thing is the companies u bought dont crash, book value has to go up… if there is a stock market crash, it s a discount to good companies!! 🙂 always keep some cash ready in case there are occasions in the market!

Maximilian Dier says:

Hey Sven. What's your opinion on UNIT? Thanks!

Yongtao Wang says:

Very good message. Thanks.

Jolie Rouge says:

Good, smile.

Luis Rubén Sánchez Arce says:

No so easy. I think If you have the 100% of your money invested. There is the risk of lost value also. So you cannot buy cheaper as your actual position is lower. If gold increase (no one knows) you can sell it and buy stocks, but in 2008 crisis, gold also fell so you can not use it as easily.

TheMpamMpam says:

Hi, it is not a simple message. It is one of the most important… Thx

Dean Sparrow says:

Hi would you consider McDonalds a good investment now, considering their huge property asset portfollio. Their book value would be very low considering they opened up majority of their resturants in 60s and 70s, so as you predicted that the next crash could cause stagflation, their property values would go even higher plus, their sales since less people can afford expensive food? or 5 dollars for a latte when they can now get it for 2 from mcdonalds. their net margin is 21%, operating margin 34.5% the only thing is they have a lot of debt 34$ a share. current share price is 159$. considering as a long term value investor would you invest in this company?

GarrisonFPS says:

One of my friends said to me sarcastically "Enjoy the next recession!"

I said "I will! My stocks will be cheap and my gold hedge will increase in value 1500%!"

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