A SUPER SIMPLE options strategy in TASTYWORKS

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Are you new to Options Trading? Wish there was someone going through the same journey with you? Let’s walk through this learning journey together as I talk through my lessons learned and my game plan for the coming week!

In this episode I want to dive deeper into my bread and butter strategy as a beginner – the CREDIT SPREAD.

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Steve deBree says:

What video production software are you using….just curious…thanks!

wcthrill says:

has the UI changed? I cant get it to look like on your screen..I cant even move windows arnd. Do I need to be on a certain browser?

Andrew Watts-Curnow says:

I think it's worth noting how the POP and max P/L probabilities would play out.

For example, at 16:17

POP 66%
POL 34%
Credit $60.00
Risk $240.00
P/L -$42

That tells me I'd lose if I played the same trade 100 times and the option is basically expensive.
Still learning, so let me know if I've missed something.

Chet Sharma says:

Love these videos – very systematic approach to the process. I've just started and your videos are helping me develop a system. Reading "engineer" in your screen name…are you a quant/fin engineer by any chance?

Jose Molina says:

Hi John. Very much enjoy your videos, your approach, and your transparency. I just opened a tastyworks account and started trading today. It looks like you set up your graphs in Excel. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sending me that template so that I could also keep track of my performance. Also, where do you get the troc number? Thanks for your time and videos.

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