A Tip to Keep Track of Your Plan – Live Dax Trade 26th Feb

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In this weeks live trade video I explain a simple tip to help you keep track of what you are doing on each market. This can help you avoid costly mistakes.


Sparro says:

Unfortunate result but good trade with your set up. I do not trade DAX. How do you find it James. Looks a fraction too volatile for me 🙂

rory farrell says:

Hi James, i find your videos very helpful, thanks for that. A question which i am asking to learn and not to be critical, was there a reason why a break of the pin bar at 8.30 was not your trigger to enter the trade. thanks , rory

Guy Leyland says:

Great advice as always! Thanks for all your help. With your Decisive Trading advice over the past few years, especially with the Zone Trader course, we're now on the way to being full time day traders. G&C 👍

Rita50 says:

I tried a short after 10.30 at 480 area and was disappointed as it went to 512 however that would be my last destination. Luckily it dropped and I closed with miserable profit but thanks for that I didn’t lose. Now I think why I didn’t go long?

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