A VERY Bad Omen: Today Both Stocks And Bonds Are Selling Off. By Gregory Mannarino

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casualstyle79 says:

greetz from thaaaa Netherlands

zita willingham says:

That's because people are idiots


Gregory….I've posted some things about what I'm about to disclose to you in a lot more detail on Zero Hedge and the response has been intense. I think you might consider informing your audience that the same 5 high level executives work at every major bank right before the bank crashes. These 5 executives are currently working at Deutsche Bank. If you want to know specific names I suggest contacting V the Guerrilla Economist on youtube who will provide you with a lot more detailed information in regards to this if you are interested.

cindy garay says:

It could be a Beta Test by the SWS!   The Sentient World Simulation is Waiting for the Highest Probability of Success before they Strike!   That's it's job!


Greg… I love you man, wikileaks has been confirming everyone's suspicions and what you predicted. But still, grab her by the pussy and get on the Trump Train ;-)

Semantics Simple says:

Man, ya hurt my feelings. I'm gonna fill out a hurt feelings report. Name of the real man that hurt my teeny weeny insignificant feelings? Gregory Mannarino.

Derelect5 says:

The cartel price control outputs will never turn real courtesy of digital trading platforms, instant digital currency, and sophisticated algorithms. Every unwanted market driven change in asset prices only drives a deeper algorithmic transition to complete price control. Digital asset prices will soon rally once again on a new round of unprecedented algorithmic price and digital fiat control. The legitimate market will achieve equilibrium though the fiat price of the new and free cryptocurrencies. The fiat price of the free and legitimate cyptos will revalue all fake asset prices even as their digital numbers continue to rise, driving the old fraudulent digital currencies and price control systems into mass irrelevancy. The captured digital markets will never meltdown, but rather the new and legitimate markets will melt up, leaving the world central banks alone to save their fraudulent system with unprecedented algorithmic digital fiat creation and asset purchases.

Terrace Thornhill says:

The markets are rigged, I find that word interesting, because if someone was to say a building was rigged, the implication would be clear that the end point of the process is it's destruction. The same levers that can prop a market up can be used to crash it. For most people, that would be seen as a bad thing, but you know how profitable it could be.

Terrace Thornhill says:

Your camera seems to want more light. Here's an Ebay listing for a lighting kit for $75. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Photo-Pro-Studio-Lighting-Photography-3-Muslin-Backdrop-Light-Stand-Kit-/391231564036?hash=item5b1737e904:g:gfMAAOSwLVZV1jgT Sound is good, as is of course the content.

DetroitLove4U says:

What about bringing about The Gold Standard Mr. Gregory?

Robert Saxon says:

everything is and was rigged until and except for Trump. they didn't see him coming and the election is and was rigged against him but they will not be able to rig a Trump landslide which is most likely going to happen he is ahead 15% unlike what the rigged polling is showing.

Jorn Jacobsen says:

Heads up. Russia calling it's citizens home. Likely preparation for war.

Roxanne Fennell says:

Thank you Gregory. I have been watching this as well. Bonds and stocks selling off………..a new year of Jubilee for all of us.
Remember The paper market of gold/silver has next to nothing to do with the physical world of gold/silver.

Bart H says:

Oh no doubt this is all rigged. And by some weird way if it is not, this season of South Park is hitting the nail on the head per this election. Fuck the twilight zone, there is not even a name for how fucked up this all is.

elinor s says:

When bonds go down and the stock market goes down, will mining stocks go down too? Or will they respond higher?

Billjust Bill says:

New Camera is Great! Thank You for what you share! One question to ask, please, to make your "Hard Assets" go farther and last longer.

What type of "day-to-day" transportation should your readers be trying to own so that as things come apart, a near-normal life can still be had?

Tatiana Sinyukova says:

the elections r rigged. If anyone still can't see it ..open your eyes and look at facts…its a circus ….

Doug Dour says:

In white knuckled terror they stand at the edge of the pool – unabashed terror racing throughout their systems rendering throats so dry syllables cannot hope to be formed; only disembodied clicking is audible from mouths that move resembling a frog croaking. All color drained instantly leaving them appearing featureless as the moon reflects off faces that glow as if some grotesque light source of its own.

The once tranquil waters now boiling as fat, thick bubbles rise and pop as if in roiling, unquenchable indigestion. Unable to tear their gaze from this scene an ancient, gnarled, arthritic hand breaks its surface. Grasping at a stone who's resting place had the misfortune to feel this abominations touch.

the story will continue tomorrow……for the fearless!

Ken Locke,@ says:

As we head into financial Armageddon this October as Gods judgements start for mystery Babylon aka America! Americans for some time think it's ok to rig everything as long as they get something! Of course they all win starvation for their unbelievable ignorance. Remember when your neighbors come looking for food because their starving, just tell them sounds like a conspiracy theory! Shut the door and enjoy dinner while eating a good meal!!

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