A Weird Pattern on Bitcoin Repeats Again

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An important pattern repeats itself again on Bitcoin. What does it mean and how can we use it? We explain.

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AltCoin Investor69 says:

Great video Alessio, thanks so much!

Aornum says:

What software are you using Alessio?

STO OGE says:

Would you please do a video on the trend and analyze XRP/usd. Please!

Lenka K says:


Jake K. says:

Thanks for the upload. What is your strategies when btc reaches 7k (soon?)

sahil kamboj says:

Teach me senpai

Anomaly 123 says:

Do you think TA works because people believe in it? A bit of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Monkey Tron says:

FYI, all the decent people who I follow who were correctly bearish way way way before you were are starting to become a little bullish.
I’m looking at a final retest of around 6k before the market cycle changes myself.
…but hey, if it breaks down further? You know. The market does what it wants.

Alex Morgan says:

Just keep buying

Anomaly 123 says:

Look at those elevator down. Seems like manipulation to me

Crypto Monster says:

So you mean to say if bitcoin drops from 6920$ levels then next stop will be 4280$ ? As 6920- 61.80% is 4280$ approx ?

Monkey Tron says:

It goes over the 61.8% level. Why not call it 61.9%?

nicholas thompson says:

Maybe we are retesting the 61.8 again in slow motion. Hopefully this time we will break through all the shorts up there! At some point we have to. I have to agree now TA does work! Wow

William Boyle says:

Good job, hadn't noticed this. Spot on.

Jiten Rawat says:

After long term ..welcom sir ..nice again

Naddy Nodge says:

This is called consolidation. It's not magic, it's just the market discovering what is the fair value.

You could equally say the price "failed" to drop lower. There's no way to tell what way the price is going, but you seem to be suggesting it's gonna drop further.

Ha med says:

algo target is 65% to run over stops. that was the reason for overshoots above 61.8%

vfx spot says:

Good To Hear Back the old intro ALESSIO ! 😀

Iamleros says:

Another great video. Thanks.

Anthony Michael says:

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