Achieving My Childhood Dream: Throwing Out The First Pitch

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I’m so fortunate to be at Dodger Stadium living out one of my boyhood dreams: throwing out the first pitch. Do you think I can make it? You’re going to want to watch this!

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I want you guys to dream big and I want you to see that you can do this stuff too when you work hard enough, when you’re dedicated enough.

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Timothy Sykes says:

What are some of your dreams? What are you doing to make them reality?

The Giants says:

Wow Tim how do you get picked to throw out the first pitch at a game? Rico

David Smith says:

Awesome I like the lesson (Don't get Cocky!) Take your time and learn from our mistakes!!

zoltardo says:

What a cool experience! Congratulations

Mike OBrien says:

Good Stuff Tim! Thanks for always motivating us :))

Nick Courtright says:

I want to be the #1 forex trader of our time. JOKING! As of right now my goals are to keep building my knowledge account and to simply become a profitable trader. Profitable enough to quit my day job! I'm studying my ass off to achieve this. Watching and restudying content 2 3 4 times! Taking detailed notes reviewing the notes etc. Sweet video by the way

John Burris says:

How was that set up? As a kid in the Northeast, were you a Yankee or Red Sox fan?

Arnie Cunningham says:

Why didn't you post that you were going to dodger stadium? I would of asked for an autograph. Hope you post that you'll be in l.a. county next time you visit

Melvin Ely says:

You are left handed lol good video thanks!

disLudo says:

Meeting you has always been my childhood dream Tim 🤗😎😂

olgusa says:

Good shot!!! 🥳

Артем Заянчковский says:

Nice dream,worthy!) 1 of my dreams is to buy a GREAT house for my parents, i keep styding to achieve this in some point of time, NO DAYS OFF!) Thank you so much for sharing and inspiration!)

jaime juarez says:

That is Bad ASS

Ernesto Zavala says:

My question is how do you even get to throw out the first pitch. Do you contact someone to pay for it???

doody fly says:

Thanks Tim for sharing us your great event, and your dreams moments when it comes true. You totally deserve it. I have only one dream in my mind. I know I will be a millionaire when I was young, but I couldn’t find my path until I watched you on YouTube. Now it’s my second chapter in my life because finally I know my direction.🙋🏻‍♀️

Travon Woodmore says:

tim I didn't notice you weren't left handed I am too lol this explains everything left handers are GOATS

Jose Flores says:

You the man Tim 😎

John Teo says:

Lets Goooooo Tim!!! Nice pitch Tim! lol uhm I just wanna travel and look after my family! #dontgetcocky #niceandsimple

Susvno says:

Thank you inspiring me Tim

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