Adam Sevani & Robert Hoffman hysterical dance

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This took place at The Choreographers Carnival

Special Thanks to Carey Ysais and Paulette Azizian for creating the Choreographers Carnival and making these performances possible:‎

Staged and Choreographed by Robert Hoffman

Your Mama by Kennedy
I Wanna Rock by Luke


helpformindcontrolvictims says:

This is very disturbing ….to say the least! As it seems that Adam has his time of the day here ……I do not believe that a 10 to 12 year old can defend himself properly and will do whatever he is told to from adults! This is inappropriate in any way possible and I say it very clear ….it is child abuse ….to exploit a Young boy in such a way! But the enternainment Industry is known to recruit their "stars " like this! It hurts to see that exactly this has happened to Mr. Sevani! I can not imagine what he went through! I know that they do recruit… a not good manner. And to Mr. Hoffmann ……what exactly is so funny in regards of this Video when people only can see the abuse and eploitation of a Young boy who had his dreams ……and goals ……and why is YouTube not censoring this type of exploitation! Mr Hoffmann…..with all due respect to your dancing skills….but this has no more to do with the latter!

u4yree says:

0:19 it looks like he throws him on ground :'D

LazlosPlane says:

So, let me understand if I've got this art piece right: a young man, presumably school-aged, returns home proud to share his report card with his loving mother. The mother's boyfriend enters, shoves the boy aside and fucks the mother while dancing. The boy returns with a firearm and kills both the boyfriend AND his mother, then proceeds to do a celebratory dance with a towel and a couple of hookers. Is that about right?

Pamela Ramirez says:

OMG I love Rob! Great dance moves!

Jessica coelho says:

Hahahaha adam so cute

The Prodigyz says:

Imagine Robert as Adams Dad? YUK

negativ10 says:

I did not expect this lol

Crystalsglitter98 says:

jajaja this is so epic xD

Jamila Brown says:

How did I get here?!

A L A N D R I A says:

Awe, Adam has always been skinny😌💕 He's so adorable

annie grace Babaan says:

HAHAHA. Cute little Adam and Mr Hoffman. <3

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I know😀😀😀

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I know😀😀😀

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I know

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I kno

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I no

Vivian Ford says:

Adam is the best dancer I no

Andresa Cristina says:

Adam VC ė incrível

Sara Polanco Brito says:

OMG Adam is such a baby here!

Karura SaRu says:

Yeah! Adam up! 🙌

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