Advanced Momentum Trading Strategies

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In this advanced momentum trading strategies video you’ll learn how to use momentum trading indicators to find entry and exit points while day trading.

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MrSkyline1020 says:

Can u place make a video or two covering some of these topics please …

1.How to spot when the bid or the ask is being propped up….
2. How to tell or spot wat MMM is short or long the market and when they are starting to cover or sell out of thier postion..
3. How to tell when bids are started to be pulled …..
4. How to correctly use L2 and time &sales together ….

Anything you can do will be a great help thank you…

SpearHead1011 says:

Can you do hot keys for ToS?

John Smith says:

Good stuff, thank you

Anna G Intili says:

Wow! Excellent trading. You have shown me, but must importantly answered so many questions. Thank you for sharing.Omar.

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