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Akshaya Trithiya 2020 – How to Invest in Gold?

Investing in gold on Akshaya Trithiya is considered auspicious even to this day. When the entire share market was going down, the price of gold was going up. Gold is now trading higher than 45,000 and has given very good returns in the past 3-6 months. In this video today, we have told you 4 ways to invest in gold – Physical gold, Gold ETF, Gold mutual funds and Gold sovereign bonds.

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Happy Askhaya Trithiya to you all! Even to this day, investing in gold is considered auspicious. When the share market and economy was going down, the price of gold was going up and giving good returns. There are mainly 4 ways to invest in gold.

The first way is to buy physical gold. You can go to a jeweller and buy gold. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to this. You can wear this gold along with it being an investment. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult to store pure gold.

The second way is gold ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). For this you have to open your account with any broker and invest your money in ETF. This is a good way to diversify your portfolio and reduce your risk.

The third option is gold mutual fund. In this way, your pooled money is invested in gold. If the price of gold goes up, then you get good returns. If the price goes down, you don’t face that much loss.

The last way is to invest through sovereign gold bonds. Sovereign gold bonds is launched by the RBI on behalf of the government. You can invest through net banking and the minimum investment is buying 1 gram of gold.

The benefit is that you get a good return and your portfolio is diversified. Consider you bought ten grams of gold for Rs 46,000 and the price tomorrow goes to Rs 30,000. You get an annual return of 2.5% on your invested amount. This will be credited in your account every month.

When the price goes up, your return will still be on your invested amount. On that 2.5% return, you don’t have to pay any TDS on it. And the tac will depend on your income tax slab. The maturity for this is 8 years, but you can withdraw it after after 5 years.

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Disclaimer: These are not any recommendations for any funds or stocks and are meant only for educational purposes.


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