Alert !!! Bill HOLTER Sep 2018 Advice for Investors Stock Market Crash in 2018

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peter macleod says:

listen to london calling by the band the clash the punks tried to tell you in the 70s

peter macleod says:

ice9 is here

peter macleod says:

but at the start of the collapse it may help so have a little

peter macleod says:

to quote the bible they will throw there gold and silver in the street and there bellys will curse it

peter macleod says:

listen to adapt2030 iceagefarmer theopenhimerranchprodject on youtube your money will be worthless you cant eat gold a famine is comeing on the land look for the hunger stones on youtube

BluesZoo Z says:

What a load of BS

Jim says:

Sounds like were heading into a deep depression. Time to stock up on non perishable food!

Robyn Townsend says:

Gold silver and Bitcoin

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