ALERT: Bond Market Warns AGAIN! As Sell Off In Bond Market Continues.

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Antonio FTW says:

Hi Gregory, your chart on your site is coming up as link error. Please attach or fix so i can view 🙂

stasyszy says:

going to cryptos all that cash 😉

Do Ray Jane says:

You are awesome Greg, have a great weekend!

Litecoin vegeta says:

Everything starts to make sense. I just looked and all the precious metals. They are downnnnnnnn. Manipulation to the extreme.

Allyn Rigby says:

Also bitcoin if falling. I think it will come back but this is strange.

BMWg84 says:

So, do interest rates rise when bonds sell off? What is the affect

Jason Mcguire says:

Venezuela could default soon, what kind of impact would this have on the market's, oil?

Kevin W says:

Looks like someone fell off a cliff!



true grit says:

I use a tablet and can't get anything on traders ,,the page is to big for my screen and most of the stuff keeps refreshing and spinning ?¿?

Switchblade Minerva says:

Saudi princes being tortured in an effort to discover all of their holdings, and the Chinese government is all of a sudden allowing foreign investment in their financial sector after the Chinese Yield Curve inverts, scary. I can not remember a weirder moment in time since I was ten years old back in 1963. Gregory, to use a phrase from the Godfather, someone pushed a button, a very big button in this case, scary.

Martin Keylock says:

"How can a truthful man prosper in a world of lies"

Chester Kendra says:

Greg I am literally pulling my hair out with these paper dumps into the gold market. 4 million ounces in 15 minutes!!! WTF !!!
How many times are they going to do this? If they are going to keep doing this then what is the point of owning gold stocks, virtually all my gold miners are down lower than I paid for them and some I've had for some time. Feel like trowing in the towel.

Lightning77305 says:

The manipulators make huge profits from these movements, which they orchestrate.
This will continue indefinitely, only insiders and brokers make real money.

quan yun says:

thank you. its working!

Doug Brinks says:

WAR distraction within 72 hours..You can almost smell it in the air from here and the middle East is FAR from here.

Gregory Mannarino says:

CNBC Talks Coffee As The Bond Market Sell Off Accelerates. Gregory Mannarino Click here:

James Lee says:

you are so real

Albert David Sutton says:

Good discussion on Bond market action

R R says:

Many warnings about the Bond market sell off……Alan Greenspan, Jeffery Gundlach.

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