Alert !! Gregory MANNARINO (August 09,2018) Stock Market Crash 2018

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Report Date: August 2018

Expert Gregory Mannarino

Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression ?

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Carlos Fernandez says:

GREG never said there would be a stock market crash in OCT/2018. I just watched him negate it and explain. Unsubscribed.

Gigi Phan says:

OMG, you are God sent, I hope everyone who's lucky enough to hear this message please take time to understand this matter. Thank you so much 💞💝💖

Archie Cox says:

Don't ever interrupt my day by spreading your opinion. State the facts and let this system take it's coarse!If nobody has been paying attention they deserve what they get. STOP THE "ALERT" B/S!!!!!!!

Ty Rou says:

I love Greg

Betty Hiland says:

Causing chaos to keep the debt bubble going, calif fires come to mind.

Pekka Rousu says:

Gov deficit 1,2 trillion. Selling 0,6 trillion from the balance sheet. Japan lowering debt all the time (8% each year). China will not higher their buyings, but not selling bonds but letting bonds mature (most bonds they have are short). There will be not enought buyers. Reducing the balance sheet will end and QE4 will happen. The Fed will buy the debt somehow. Just like Japan har been doing för a long time.

Besides, China, Japan and EU keep on printing money so money might come from there. The world is global. Central banks cooperate and don't want the US to fall because in that case everybody will fall.

They will at least try a last time.

The fiat system is based on ever growing increase in debt = currency. All banks are depending too on this.

kwazykilla87 says:

Is this the x22 report interview he did 🤔

Alexis says:

Really great way to explain what the real situation is. Would love to see a follow up to this from the what the role of cryptocurrencies may have.

Mark Shirley says:

When I started watching this farce daily two years ago, I thought then this juggernaut was going to smash head-long into what the 2008 GFC threatened to be. Well, what THEY threatened us it would be if we didn't agree to THEM transferring our wealth into THEIR hands, which is effectively what happened back then. So in this time round will this thing smash into a global Mad-Max scenario? No! because if THEY let that happen, THEY lose control to the 'revolting masses' who are already baying for Killary and O-bummer's blood. My KJV Bible describes in Daniel and Revelation an apparent global catastrophe on the edge of going over, into which the Antichrist rides with his 'Mark in the right-hand' solution. My pick is he will offer complete global debt-forgiveness with a complete system-reset, if you will take his mark in your hand. Then my Bible describes a rolling crash taking out the poor mans tucker. "A days wages for a loaf of bread, but do not hurt the oil and the wine" (rich mans tucker) Revelation reveals that from the Antichrist appearing with his mark, things escalate in intensity through to the three and a half year point in the 7 year tribulation, then God gets into His bowls and trumpets judgements program, which takes out fully 2/3rds of the Jews and Gentiles for their refusal to call on Jesus as Saviour and Lord/God. But hey, please yourself. Most today are, and will do all the way to hell. God put Jesus cross in your way of that, but climb over and carry on if you choose. Really, most will. Sin is first a wilful independence from God. Out of that came EVERY sin roiling around us today. Take care! That Rapture is real close I reckon. But I've been too early for so long I don't even believe me any more! But stay sharp!

litoshi lite says:

That's right

Nick Pappas says:

The federal government will not hear the public's cry for help when the crash happens. Be your own bank, grocery store, water company and energy co. power co. Self preservation for your survival.

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