ALERT! The Last Time THIS Happened The Stock Market Crashed 3 Months Later. By Gregory Mannarino

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ClockFixer 1964 says:

Just keep on slowly removing cash out of all instutions…..

ClockFixer 1964 says:

It's not a mental defect, it's DELUSIONAL GREED.

gianni cacatore says:

Agree with all u have said,spot on,and the reason most people loose money in markets is due to believing govermant datta,and whatching mainstream media,this is why the vix is at record lows,and the majoraty of people who read and follow the mainstream news will allways loose.The fed and other central banks have reached a point where they can not keep up with this fake rally,where company earnings are low and pe high.Every crash has taken longer to recover,and this one will be no different,it will be big and take long time to recover,but one can not put a time when it will happen as govermant and fed will keep the bubble growing as long as it can.

Sea Haggith says:

ok you got it – this lady says it as well.. Copy and paste – peeps.

seth miller says:

I looked at the wrong month. Lol

Kenneth Watson says:

It's definitely time to get out but they will almost certainly be able to do again a couple times what they have done so far, which is print money to prop up risk assets. The helicopters are warming up. They will fly. And then they will fly again. And then again? Yep but they might not return.

Faisal Ali says:

well we better start shorting

Nathan Dunning says:

Don't pay any attention to them mate,you're been one of the best easy.

Peter reteP says:

Apocalyse Book free pdf with all secrets:

malcolm ironmonger says:

And if that is true (and it is) what is 90 days out? The US election !  Obama has stated that he might be around for a 3rd term And all the Executive Orders are in place and the US has militarized the police and they have FEMA camps ready to go.  All they need is a QUALITY false flag!!!!!!  This sure would qualify.  Thanks Greg

Miraculous Michael says:

Greg, Thanks for all that you do for us! I have been a member for years and you are right on as usual.

Jonathan Quinones says:

Question for Greg:
What would happen if the United States where to reevaluate the price of gold at 10,000. Would that stabilize the market?

ATuring says:

History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme

SuperSatan666ddevil says:

Good, it is an A!

William Roach says:

if you're right Greg then that means that right after the election they're going to pull it

Peaceful Prepper says:

The Chinese have switched from buying gold to M&A and this may be adding to the rise of the Markets as well.

Ivan Terrero says:

heard this before, the forces stop great Yo stop, we will have an implosion soon

Tommee Bath says:

Make sure you got your physical gold and silver ladies and gentlemen! Also some cash. And make sure it's hidden well.

Tommee Bath says:

When I see a comment saying that Greg doesn't know what he's talking about…. I know I'm looking at the comment of an IMBECILE!!

OmniMark2112 says:

How will you base your trading around these crashes?

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