Alert: TODAY AGAIN Bond Market Rigging, PLUS Important Gold/Dollar Updates.

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SEC Complaint. Click here:
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Glen Stanislawski says:

people sell off all their stuff to get out of the markets to make a small profit the government or whoever buys it all up with fake dollars and redistribute the wealth sucking all the wealth out of whatever the deal was and just keeps printing more money to steal more wealth they know the dollars are fake so it don't matter to them

Eli says:

Love your vids, but one day could you make one that explains 'the Bond Market' and what / where exactly you look at when you say 'the bond market is -in trouble, or money goes into the bond mkt, -..I guess I want to know what is the Bond mkt exactly, thanks

Janis Rough says:

if the feds are proping up tech next why did buffett buy apple today?

BMWg84 says:

You're spot on Greg. Keep it up

lesley Kramer says:

waiting for my reply from the sec

Dogger8095 says:

Greg, that was me buying all of those bonds to prop up the market. Sorry to alarm you.

ain't dat snipes says:

print n buy print n buy print n buy print n buy print n buy

Jay Bird says:

Fukushima = GE is melting down

Jay Bird says:

Who would buy GE????

Mike Martin says:

Greg….. It's all RIGGED!! TRUMP was right man!

Errais Abdelmounaim says:

Miaou miaou stay kool it's only a financial game don't fall into hystéria . Thank you fox .

Delman says:

all out of rwm now and another stock near tops thanks to trendlines, perfect, thought pull back and market rally a bit, and if house passes tax bill, likely be big rally, before they all realize long way to go yet and senate differs from the house. Anyway interesting times indeed.

John Jones says:

pension funds is the reason I think we well see a hyperinflation of some kind

John Jones says:

pension funds I heard

Bella Krinkle says:

Greg, did you watch Lloyd dancing all around issues in his interview yesterday? Man, was he nervous! What was he trying to sell us re China?

Austin G says:

Heard from X22 that bonds trade based on inflation and since inflation is hitting now due to central banks loosening, pushing liquidity into the economy, this is why bonds are now in trouble.

Is this so?

From episode 1424a

Cindy Owens says:

As Always, Thank You So Very Much, Greg, for everything you are doing. You are one of the very few whose comments and information I trust. Your analysis is consistent and consistently amazing, as you are. Love to you and yours, as well as my gratitude.

AnotherBoringWeek says:

So far you're the guy, on the topic of rigging, that leads the pack.
I said as much in a video yesterday.

Jj Hinduja says:

N this is the best time to book profits in stocks Dow n Nasdaq hit my target 🎯
Dow 23456
N Nasdaq 6789
N if they keep moving higher average your profits every 10 percent rise n
Try to exit all your stocks n bonds holdings

I think from here on it’s difficult for the market too move up higher
Unless more printing n stimulation from fed

Jj Hinduja says:

I said u guys earlier
The dollar 💵 index will hit my target 🎯 88

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